I don’t pretend to understand the nuts and bolts of what’s going on with the EU, Germany, and Greece, and I’ve been busy studying BSD because it’s fun.

Bad Tux, though, has studied up on it and thinks it’s not just about the money.


Dan Casey. Just read it. No excerpt or summary can do it justice.


You can’t make this stuff up.

What a con.

And, in related news . . . .



Brian Greenspun, publisher of The Las Vegas Sun, has had enough (emphasis added).

Are there times when the Supreme Court gets it wrong? Absolutely. You don’t have to go too far back in history to recall the Citizens United case in which a 5-4 majority ruled that corporations were people, thus opening the billion-dollar floodgates of wealthy individuals and their companies into our election process. How is that working out so far?

This time there are people upset about Obamacare and marriage. That’s not going to change. There will always be people upset when the Supreme Court acts. That is the nature of court rulings.

What should upset us more, though, are political leaders under the guise of conservatism crying out for the impeachment of justices and the ignoring of lawful court orders.

There is nothing conservative about trying to lead people — emotionally and otherwise distraught people, depending upon the issue — toward a path of ignoring our Constitution and our rule of law. That is the way of anarchists, not conservatives.

More fed-upedness at the link.


From the Field Guide:

Left=Open-Carry Patriot.  Right=Deranged Idiot with a Gun.  (The two images are identical.)

More images from the Field Guide.

Shamelessly copied from Delaware Liberal.


YouTube chose to preface this video with a commercial for–wait for it–make-up.


Fun and fellowship for liberals. Join us and talk about anything in a relaxed atmosphere.

When: Thursday, June 9, 6 p.

Croc’s 19 Street Bistro
620 19th Street (Map)

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Inter-generational politeness in NRA Paradise:

Yesterday afternoon, deputies say the child was put down for a nap in the master bedroom at his grandparent’s home on Puget Lane off Ella Boulevard in northwest Harris County. They say the child got a hold of an automatic pistol that was left on the night stand and shot himself in the head.

He is currently in critical condition. The story makes no mention of whether or not charges for negligent whatever that was will be filed.


Isaac Asimov:

There is no belief, however foolish, that will not gather its faithful adherents who will defend it to the death.


A letter-writer at my local rag gets it.

Also, this.


Twits who play Trumps.


Catholic homophobic group unwittingly skewers itself.

Thinking about it, I realize that it’s not unusual for persecutors to see themselves as persecuted. After all, that’s how they justify persecuting.


Juanita Jean has the scoop.


Celebrate politely.

Authorities are trying to determine where a bullet came from that wounded a woman inside Kennywood Park Saturday night, but they believe it was fired outside the West Mifflin park.


Police said the investigation is leading authorities to believe the shot was fired from outside the park, wounding the woman. “One possibility being investigated is that the shot was fired from a nearby area as part of a Fourth of July celebration,” the news release reads.


Husband at 4th of July barbecue:  What a great day to celebrate our freedom.  Wife:  Yes, as we are spied on by the NSA, tracked by Google, and snooped on by hackers.

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Meet Bree Newsome.

Via The Charlotte Observer.


Chris Christie puts on the squeeze.


In my local rag, Tom Allen recounts when he realized that we do indeed live in the naked city.

. . . as a friend and I prepared to leave a restaurant after lunch, he swiped the screen on his cell phone to check something. Unprompted, the phone informed him that he was about a five-minute drive from work. He’d never programmed anything about work into his phone; it had just noted the location where he seemed to be spending his weekdays and filed the information away in its electro-brain.

Why have I been unable to get the 1980s hit, “I Always Feel Like…Somebody’s Watching Me,” out of my head?

Follow the link and read the rest, especially the bit about his conversation with a Mad Man friend of his in the con artist advertising biz.


Mary Wollstonecraft:

Virtue can only flourish among equals.


Daniel Ruth is optimistic about his chances in Iowa:

Since I announced my candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination a few months ago, the groundswell of support has been overwhelming.

To date, I’ve received at least three or four emails encouraging my campaign. And Thomas and Carol Epstein of St. Pete Beach sent in a $1,000 donation. Unfortunately, it was in the form of fake Confederate currency. But it’s the thought that counts.

But what has really inspired me to find the inner strength to carry on has been the fact that both my political machine and the campaign juggernaut of South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham are virtually polling neck and neck in Iowa at zero percent.