Also, pigs, wings.


Politeness is its own punishment.

Witnesses said DeHayes spun the .22 caliber revolver around on his forefinger, ‘gunslinger-style’, when it went off, hitting Mrs Hoover in the head.

The state has refused to prosecute because the incident was deemed accidental.

And though the victim’s family has launched an appeal to see him tried for manslaughter, DeHayes insists he has already been punished enough.


John Astin as Gomez Adams:

We are faced with a very serious problem. There is only one thing we can do.



Bush weighed down with ice; some icecyles so heavy they have pulled the brand horizontal.



Alfred Doblin doesn’t think Chris Christie is serious about his attempts to “reform” (Christie’s term, not mine–ed.) New Jersey’s pension laws.

You have to hand it to Christie for making the most of his brand. He made bad manners a sign of leadership. He strolled the boardwalk with an ice cream cone to the enjoyment of YouTube addicts keen for an everyman. He told critics to shut up and sit down. But when the smartphone cameras weren’t on, he hopped on private planes to live like the king of Jordan.

But the facade is cracking, and that explains the pension war. The governor may say he intends to win this battle, but his actions say otherwise. He doesn’t need to win it, only to declare it to grab the attention of conservatives.

The overarching problem in pension-world is not retirees who expect to receive the pensions that they were promised. It’s companies and governments who promised the pensions, then failed to provide for them.

Employees kept their promises to come to work and do their jobs. Employers broke their promises and now would penalize employees for daring to expect a solvent retirement, while the companies and governments face no penalties for their pension lies.


In my local rag, education professor Claire Berube argues that, as long as politicians continue to flail at public schools with standardized tests, education will continue to deteriorate. Here’s a bit; read the rest.

Under intense pressure from voters, politicians with no educational experience sought the easiest and cheapest solution to prove accountability: Multiple-choice tests. The high-stakes bubble-test assessments soon became a monster

The beneficiaries of the testing flailure are the outfits selling the tests and no one else.


Shaun Day explains “ethics” (or at least legislation) on one situation do not lead to “ethics” (or at least legislation) on the other situation(s). A snippet:

Lawmakers have made a bipartisan effort over the years to protect incumbents, particularly those who’ve served for decades, and their respective party’s hold on that seat.

This year’s bipartisan ethics reform bill focused strictly on one component of ethics in government — restricting gifts to elected officials — while ignoring two others that are critically important: redistricting and campaign finance.


Scott Walker responding




Kenneth L. Pike:

The price that one pays for refusing to act on the truth as one sees it, is to be led to believe untruth to avoid guilt.


A permit for youthful politeness:

A three-year-old boy accidentally shot himself inside a home in northwest Harris County Friday, according to police. . . .

Harris County Precinct 5 Captain Romeo Chapa tells us they believe the child’s parents have a concealed handgun permit and that the child may have found the gun and accidentally shot himself.

The child didn’t make it.


Redneck sitting in front of shack adorned with Conferate flags.  Woman asks,

Via Job’s Anger.


Noah on ark balanced on Mt. Ararat.  Caption:  When it dawned on Noah that the real reason was to rid the world of Twitter.

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Jeb Bush on the shoulders of George the Worst on the Shoulders of George the First:  Read my lips.  I am my own man.

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Jeez Louise.

Sex between lobbyists and government officials who are covered under North Carolina’s ethics laws does not constitute a gift that must be listed in disclosure reports, the State Ethics Commission said Friday.

“Consensual sexual relationships do not have monetary value and therefore are not reportable as gifts or ‘reportable expenditures made for lobbying,’” the formal advisory opinion says.

If consensual sexual relations “do not have monetary value,” why is prostitution illegal?



The Roanoke Times calls out the Virginia Republican Party for (guess what?) hypocrisy, this time on schools. A snippet:

It (the amendment–ed.) would give the state Board of Education the power to authorize charter schools — charter schools being public schools that can operate independently of the rest of the local school system.

Or put another way, it would allow Richmond to tell local governments how to run their school systems.

That runs contrary to how conservatives such as Obenshain generally think schools should be operated. Ordinarily, they believe schools should be run locally, with few mandates from Richmond and even fewer, if any, from Washington.

So why the philosophical about-face here? Because it appears to be the only way to accomplish another conservative goal: The creation of more charter schools.

In Republican land, putting public money in private hands outweighs using it for the public good six days a week and twice on Sundays.


Johnny Weismuller:

How can a guy climb trees, say Me Tarzan, You Jane, and make a million?


Be polite to your neighbors.

A city resident told police that at 5:45 p.m. Thursday, she and her boyfriend and juvenile daughter were inside their apartment in the 600 block of Greenbrier Court when they heard a loud bang and a bullet came through the wall of the living room.

The round struck a piece of furniture in the dining area before it was spent, the report said. A few minutes later, Swisher, the victim’s next-door neighbor, knocked on the door and apologized for the incident.

Deadeye was arrested. The story does not indicate whether the charges against him include at least one count of stupid.


“Juvenile daughter.”

I imagine that that’s police-speak for “little girl.”

The stupid. It burns.



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