Uncle Sam to Republican Elephant, who's wearing an

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When a potato is a pineapple:

“I picked a potato and it was heavy,” she told France Bleu. “I thought that’s weird, it must be a rock, then tapped it on the table and said to myself ‘yes that’s a stone’ so I put it aside.”

She carried on her cooking as normal and it was only when her husband came home and ran the “rock” under the tap that they discovered it was in fact a grenade from 1917.


Arthur Conan Doyle:

What was the benefit of a law written upon fair parchment, if there were no officers to enforce it?


They aren’t even trying to pretend it’s about anything other than partisan advantage any more.


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They just don’t want anyone to know what that means.

Words fail me.


Coulrophobians will get a temporary sigh of relief this month in Kemper County, Miss., where a new ordinance makes it illegal for people of all ages to wear clown costumes, makeup and masks.

Since Monday, people have had to put their clown act on hold and will not be able to dress as one until after Halloween, on Nov. 1.

The stupid, it burns.

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Lincoln and Trump at Gettysburg:  Lincoln says,

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Learn about Forsyth County, Georgia, the county that chased all them darkies off into them thar hills.


T. S. Eliot did not set out to do so, nor did he realize he had done so, but he anticipated today’s Republican Party with eerie accuracy.

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Trump whine.

It’s the best whine.


Sam Houston:

All new states are invested, more or less, by a class of noisy, second-rate men who are always in favor of rash and extreme measures, but Texas was absolutely overrun by such men.

Plus ca change.


It’s their party and they’ll sue if they want to.
You would sue too if it happened to you.

The Huffington Post report identified five different Republicans — whose campaigns have sought to distance themselves or even fully disavow Trump — who have filed complaints with stations requesting they pull ads linking them to Trump. Some of the letters, which claim the ads are misleading, have included the threat of legal action.

In general, it’s not uncommon for politicians to try to get unfair ads against them taken down. But, as Huffington Post notes, lawmakers usually aren’t crying defamation over being linked to the presidential nominee of their own party.

What can you call them? Closet Republicans maybe?

If this were one of my kids busted at a party that got out of hand, I’d be saying, “Then you shouldn’t have gone to that party, for Pete’s sake.”



Are these clowns self-identifying as RINOs?


In the Republican washing machine, the Reince cycle is no different from the spin cycle.


Title:  Waffle House.  Image: Four waffles resembling various Republican Congressmen.  One (Paul Ryan) says,

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