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Historiann is not surprised at the reactions to events in Ferguson, Mo. She is disgusted.

A nugget (emphasis in the original):

I guess my big reaction is this: why is anyone surprised that the present looks so much like the past? It seems like when it comes to race in America, we’re dangerously invested in insisting that the Bad Old Days are long gone. I get it that that’s a more reassuring story to tell, but it’s a childish one. Aren’t there any grownups among the grownups these days?

Even if I understand why people insist on pretending history is irrelevant, why must they evoke history in such wildly inappropriate ways? For example: Howard Kurtz say that “Some liberal outlets [are] creating almost a lynch mob mentality around this,” that is, the insistence that the police officer who killed an unarmed man be arrested and charged with a crime. Is that what lynch mobs did–they published headlines in news outlets demanding the arrest and trial of men suspected of crimes? Because that’s what you imply when you compare an online magazine to a lynch mob. Judge Lynch, as we all should remember, was not at all about insisting on due process for suspected criminals. That was the whole point of a lynch mob friends–the circumvention of the criminal justice system! Yegads. So stupid.


The polite bring new meaning to “defensive driving.”

According to the sheriff’s office, a Ford Ranger was traveling north on Highway 17 when a semi-truck approached the Ranger from behind.

A report states the truck intentionally struck the Ranger on its side while traveling in the same direction.

Investigators say the truck driver then fired a round into the Ranger’s back drivers side bumper. The Ranger pulled over at the Sunoco gas station and the driver called authorities.

There’s an additional shot of politeness at the link.


Thom explains that war is not something that just happens over there, however much the mongers of war would have you believe that that’s the case.


James Causey remembers his parents’ advice about being while black. A snippet:

I still remember how they would tell me that if I was ever stopped by a police officer to make sure I kept my hands in plain view so that I wouldn’t get shot because police might mistake my wallet for a gun.

They also told me to avoid getting into verbal confrontations with officers, even if the officers were dead wrong, because they feared these situations could escalate to me being shot. Call these rules of survival.

Although I have undergraduate and MBA degrees, I have been harassed by police and stopped for no reason other than being black while driving.

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A Republican city councilman in Missouri apologized this week for posting racist messages about President Obama on Facebook, citing his own strong engagement with the Republican Party as the reason behind his actions.


“I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” Tinsley said. “At one time, I was a very active Republican, very opposed to Obama.”

As far as I can tell, what he’s saying is that being a Republican means being racist.

Don’t think that’s what he meant to say, but in vino veritas and all that.


Back under 300K.

Jobless claims fell by 14,000 to 298,000 in the week ended Aug. 16, a Labor Department report showed today in Washington.


The monthly average of claims, a less volatile measure than the weekly figures, rose to 300,750 last week from 296,000.

The number of people on jobless benefit rolls declined by 49,000 to 2.5 million in the week ended Aug. 9. It’s at the lowest level since June 2007, before the last recession began.

In other news, Bloomberg’s “experts” were wrong again.


Chez reports first-hand from Ferguson.

One of the last things I remember seeing was a group of cops taking down someone just a few feet in front of me as I retreated quickly to what I thought was the relative safety of the media staging area, which had been specifically cordoned off for us. Then one of the officers reached for his belt, turned and sprayed me directly in the face with a deep orange liquid that created spots all over my camera. I blinked a few times — kept shooting. And then it hit me. If you’ve never been shot with law enforcement-grade oleoresin capsicum, trust me when I tell you you never want to. It’s excruciating. My eyes slammed shut and I doubled over, grunting. “Motherfucker!” I said more than once to no one. From then on, all I could do was hear what was going on rather than see it. I know it was protesters who attended to me at first, giving me milk for my eyes and water for my burning mouth and skin and telling me to hold still so I wouldn’t run into anyone. That should give you some idea of what most of the residents of Ferguson, Missouri — those people furious about the death of Mike Brown — are really like. I have no idea how much time went by. I heard the police chopper. I heard police announce that the media staging area was moving and that everyone would be arrested if they didn’t vacate the area. I heard fights, yelling, cops shouting. I eventually fell over in pain then got back up.

It’s clear that these cops are not trying to “keep the peace.”

Much more and pictures at the link.


Fiorello LaGuardia:

Politics is very much like taxes – everybody is against them, or everybody is for them as long as they don’t apply to him.


The significant bit starts at about the three-minute mark.


Funny or Die recounts Rick Perry’s Tips on How To Use Your Mugshot.


That summarizes the Regent’s defense.

Now comes Pat Robertson saying it’s all Obama’s fault.


Werner Herzog’s Bear argues for eliminating tenure for New York Times columnists; he offers a report card on the lot of them. A nugget:

David Brooks: F

Brooks’ columns are almost always based on some kind of false dichotomy he uses to oversimplify complex issues. He is a tireless purveyor of Conservatism Lite, completely unaware of the fact that he is a self-parody. If you printed his columns in the Onion, people would think they were a satire on neo-conservatives.

Follow the link for the rest of the report card.



White guy and black guy holding a sign saying

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Immigrants from the south flee death.

The northern horde simply wants to go to the beach.

A Quebec man who admitted that he attempted to smuggle his wife into the United States last month to vacation with family in Florida was sentenced Tuesday in U.S. District Court to time served and ordered to pay a $5,000 fine.


Politeness promotes creativity.

A MOTHER and daughter concocted a bizarre tale about a mysterious Arab bursting into their home and firing a gun to explain away a shooting accident, a judge heard yesterday.

Elisabeth Koulouris, 55, and daughter Anne-Marie, 23, had been struggling over the loaded rifle when it went off, the County Court heard yesterday.

The bullet went flying into a neighbour’s bedroom, just missing the two terrified ­occupants.



It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.


Juan Cole wonders whether the bigots, empowered by Nixon’s odious Southern Strategy (now relabed the “Tea Party”) and the Roberts Supreme Court, may have succeeded in rolling back the most important gain of the Civil Rights Movement.

Although segregated drinking fountains haven’t reappeared, in many ways the right wing in the United States has largely undone the advances of the 1965 voting rights act.

Read it.

And weep.


Jim Wright considers events in Ferguson, Mo. A nugget:

This is part and parcel of The Big Lie we Americans tell ourselves. That one about our vaunted exceptionalism. Heh, heh, exceptionalism. Riiiiight. Exceptionalism isn’t even a real word, but then that’s par for the course. Tell me, America, what’s so damned exceptional about fearing the police? About living in fear of authority? What’s exceptional about armed troops in the streets? About armored vehicles and automatic weapons on the corners, in the playgrounds, guarding the schools and the store and the police stations? About blockades and showing your papers? What’s exceptional about being shot down without trial or due process? What exactly is exceptional about dead kids in the street? What’s exceptional about tear gas and rubber bullets – or lead ones for that matter? But then what’s so exceptional about an armed population? About citizens who solve their differences with pistols and assault weapons? What’s exceptional about racism and inequality and disparity and naked hate? What’s exceptional about crime and riot? What’s exceptional about the arrest and detainment of journalists and reporters? What’s exceptional about political division that verges on civil war? These things are all too common around the world.

Go read his post.