23 January 2013 · Comments Off on Both Sides Not · Categories: Republican Hypocrisy

In a column about the promise of President Obama’s second term, Leonard Pitts, Jr., almost as an aside, skewers those who think President Obama must be more conciliatory.

Keep that in mind as people parse Barack Obama’s second inaugural address. Keep it in mind as they debate What It All Means that he has adopted a more combative stance toward Republicans in Congress, that he sang the praises of liberal values, that he apparently became the first president in history to take a stand for — or even mention — gay rights during an inaugural address. Keep it in mind as Republicans piously declaim Obama’s failure to seek common ground with them, conveniently forgetting that every time over the last four years the president reached a hand out to them, he drew back a nub.

The “both sides do it” “Obama is too partisan” crowd are nothing more than apologists for the Republican Party, fog machines obscuring the reality of Republican obstruction.


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