07 March 2013 · Comments Off on Safety Net for Me, but Not for Thee (Updated, Kicked to the Top) · Categories: Republican Hypocrisy

Gall, unmitigated.

In outlining his opposition to expanding Medicaid on Tuesday, Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford told an emotional story about how his family relied on existing safety nets to provide health care for his 13-month-old brother.

“Peter lost his battle with cancer, and my father found himself with a mountain of medical bills that he could never afford to pay,” Weatherford told lawmakers on the floor of the House of Representatives. “It was the safety net that picked my father up. It was the safety net that picked my family up.”

According to his father, it was Medicaid.

Later in the story, the pol is quoted as saying his father must be mistaken, it couldn’t possibly have been Medicaid. Oh noes.


Yup, it was Medicaid.

Surprise, Republicans. It’s not just for “the urban poor” (and we know who you mean when you use that term).

It’s for anyone who needs it.


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