. . . is that Reg Henry is correct.

This is too stupid for words.

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I akways knew that Philly was tough on parking.

“I pull up, take off my sunglasses, turn off the ignition and reach for a roll of quarters” he keeps in the car for dumb meters that don’t take credit cards.

He steps out of the car, “I hit my clicker,” the automatic door lock, “it makes a ‘hoo-hoo’ noise” and Yan heads for the curb to feed the meter. He sees a parking-enforcement officer writing a ticket.

“Where did you come from?” asks the startled parking-enforcement officer, Alfred Toto.

“From the driver’s seat,” Yan says, trying not to sound smart-alecky. “I assume you’re not giving me a ticket.”

“Your meter has expired,” says Toto.

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A man who police say had been drinking was involved in a road rage incident during a downpour Tuesday evening and was injured when he was run over by his own pickup truck.

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Dick Polman marvels at wingnut opposition to a non-binding U. N. treaty designed to help disabled persons. A snippet (emphasis added):

And let’s not forget the right’s hatred of the U.N. Republican politicians have long been mining that emotion. Back in 2010, the GOP gubernatorial candidate in Colorado claimed that Denver’s Democratic mayor was bent on “converting Denver into a United Nations community” – all because the mayor was promoting a bike-sharing program. Meanwhile, in 2012, Ted Cruz (of course it was Ted Cruz) claimed repeatedly that the U.N. wants to “abolish” golf courses on American soil.

This is the kind of stuff that passes for deep thought in the fever swamp; nevertheless, most Republican senators owe their jobs to fever-swamp voters. Which means that the odds for ratification approximate the odds of the ’14 Phillies morphing into the ’27 Yankees.

Please do read the whole thing.

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I have a quibble with the T-Mobile story. (Full Disclosure: I’ve been a satisfied T-Mobile customer since it was VoiceStream.)

Several years ago, I noticed that someone had “crammed” my T-Mobile bill with a $10.00 a month charge for something I didn’t want and hadn’t signed up for; the billing had appeared three months earlier. It appeared to be the result of my visiting a third-party ring-tone website and their using that visit to “make representions” to my carrier that I had purchased a subscription.

When I called T-Mobile, the customer service rep told me that there was indeed a problem with third parties’ fraudulently billing customers and volunteered to remove the charge retroactively without question.

Policing your finances isn’t a one-way street. Customers need to take some responsibility.

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If you are a parent, don’t you dare let your kid to go out and play.

You’re not allowed.

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Our copyright, patent, and trademark laws are insane. So are the persons charged with implementing them.

What Would Tyler Perry Do? Trademark “What Would Jesus Do,” evidently.

The Atlanta-based entertainment mogul has successfully trademarked the phrase whose initials have adorned the wrists of untold numbers of church campers or Vacation Bible School attendees.


Getting to the gritty-nitty:

Edward Holley, 59, now faces attempted-murder charges after he admitted to throwing a pot of greasy, scalding grits at Blacknell and severely burned the man.

According to Holley’s arrest report, The two men lived next door to one another. Holley and Blacknell fought regularly and their latest disagreement started Tuesday night. Police did not say what started the argument but a witness said it was over an insignificant issue.


Properly cooked grits should not be greasy, at least, not until you add the red-eye gravy.

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Dry gulched:

Wireman, a Department of Public Utilities employee, was injured May 28 outside Cirillo’s home, according to a search warrant affidavit filed in Circuit Court. She was disconnecting a plastic pipe that had been jury-rigged to let the house connect to city water without a meter. The pipe was rigged with two batteries to cause harm, the affidavit said.

If found guilty of malicious wounding, he might not have another water bill for two decades.

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You can’t make this stuff up.

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One stark example (warning: language):

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Oh, my.

The man entered the Subway with his family about 7:45 p.m. in the 7400 block of 42nd Avenue Southwest, according to Seattle police reports. While workers took the family’s order, the man entered the bathroom and didn’t leave. His wife knocked on the door and asked him why he was taking so long, police say.

The family left the Subway without him.

The man then exited the restroom carrying a plastic garbage bag and hustled out of the restaurant, reports say.

An employee checked the bathroom and found the toilet tank gone . . . .

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This story nagged at me all day yesterday (more detail at the link, emphasis added).

A Bayside High teacher was forced to strip while a school nurse checked for scabies in December 2012, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court Monday.

Donika Anderson-Wagner was pulled out of her classroom on Dec. 14, 2012, after a parent told a school employee that one of Anderson-Wagner’s students had contracted the skin-burrowing mites, according to the lawsuit.

The disease is spread by prolonged skin-to-skin contact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The school employee sent an email to Assistant Principal Bermina Nickerson at noon that day saying the student indicated the scabies came from her teacher.

Bayside High School is just up the road a piece.

Natch, no evidence of infection on the part of the teacher was found, but she was still humiliated by her employer for no good reason. Why a doctor’s note would not have been sufficient baffles me.

My mother was a teacher (if you want your own version of hell, trying having your mother as your Algebra II teacher, but that’s another story) and my Ex was a school nurse. The principal of my high school was in the same bridge club as my parents (in fact, when my mother passed away, he was at the funeral–the last living member of that bridge club). I know a little bit about how schools (at least used to) work.

I cannot fathom a school administration demeaning a teacher in such a manner (I do have a theory–kudos to anyone who can figure it out in the comments). The best I can make of it is that management went off half-cocked, deciding to humiliate a member of the staff on the contents of a questionable-at-best email.

If you want bad performance from your staff, one sure way to get it is to treat your employees like dirt.

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Continuous computer mouse

Via Sampler, an image site (some images NSFW).

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Warning: Worst taste than usual.

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This is just strange.

For the second time in three years, Mazda Motor Corp has issued a recall for Mazda6 sedans in North America because of a spider that likes the smell of gasoline and weaves a web that blocks a vent in the engine.

Mazda told U.S. regulators that it is recalling 42,000 sedans with 2.5-liter engines from model years 2010 to 2012 in the United States. Mazda officials were not immediately available to report recalls outside of the United States.


In 2011, Reuters reported that the Yellow Sac spider was the culprit in that year’s recall. It just likes the smell of gasoline, an auto analyst told Reuters at the time.

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At the Big Box Store.


A kinder, gentler KKK, my anatomy (emphasis in the orginal).

Ancona’s KKK group has been tossing racist fliers onto residents lawns in Chesterfield County in the middle of the night. The fliers include a phone number, an email address and information about two websites that claim the KKK is a non-violent group that is not the “enem[y] of the colored and mongrel races.”

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Beware the courtesy cops.

Isaiah Morris, 20, told cops that he and a friend were “sitting in a booth eating” Sunday afternoon when an unknown white male asked if he “had just belched and not said excuse me,” according to a Tega Cay Police Department report.

When Morris (seen at right) asked the man what he had said, the attacker picked up a chair and struck Morris in the elbow. Morris said that the man then grabbed him by the throat and tried to head-butt him. At that point, Cara Martin, a 17-year-old Taco Bell worker, interceded and ordered the man to leave the restaurant.