Alfred Doblin is disheartened by Republican rants about brown people.

Most frightening about the tenor of the immigration debate on the Republican side is the unrelenting dehumanizing of immigrants into something less than a whole person. Maybe it is not so accidental that Trump wants to get rid of the 14th Amendment. If America returns to a pre-Civil War mentality, it can just replace blacks as being 3/5ths of a person with all undocumented immigrants.

Scary stuff. Maybe America is not 1933 Munich, but we are not a shining city on a hill, either. This rhetoric by smart, pragmatic politicians like Christie and Bush is dangerous. It shows how much both men will sacrifice to become president. They are willing to abandon all that was good about their public lives just to compete with a billionaire P.T. Barnum with straw-colored hair. Is this the only choice: The scarecrow or the straw man?

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The Rude One points out that contemptuous of court Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis is, by her actions, attempting to impose Sharia Law. A snippet:

Tweet:  No one is being jailed for practicing her religion.  Someone is being jailed for trying to force someone else to practice her religion.If you don’t get it, let’s make it clear: This is an attempt to enact fundamentalist Christianity as law. It is an attempt to make religious doctrine take the place of secular legal decisions. It is, in theory and operation, no different than the Shariah law that cowardly conservatives fear will overtake the nation, with Muslim Obama as chief mullah or some such shit. You can say you prefer your flavor, but it’s still motherfuckin’ ice cream. (Note: The Rude Pundit really wants some ice cream.)

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Giles Frazier writes of England, but his words apply throughout (to use an old term) Christendom.

For years our politicians have piggy-backed upon Christian morality for electoral advantage. We should “feel proud that this is a Christian country”, said Cameron earlier this year (pre-election, of course), in what some might uncharitably see as a call to maintain a Muslim-free view from his Cotswold village. But there is no respectable Christian argument for fortress Europe, surrounded by a new iron curtain of razor wire to keep poor, dark-skinned people out.

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A Kentucky judge tries an end-around on the culture front.

A local judge contends the U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage has derailed Tennessee’s ability to determine what constitutes divorce — leaving one Signal Mountain couple married against their will.

As marriage is a legal contract and you are either in a contract or you’re not, this is prima facie stupid, but culture warriors will no doubt think it’s a brilliant tactic to allow them to interfere in the private lives of others.


Voice from the other side of the glove to Europe:  You need to solve your refugee crisis.  Image:  America behind a wall.saying,

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What is wrong with these people?

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. . . as long it remains behind closed doors.

It amazes how the letter-writer manages to conflate a pregnant lady wishing to continue working at her job as long as she can with “political correctness.”

Her doing so supports the argument that persons who complain about “political correctness” want nothing more than a license to be nasty without penalty.

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Anchor babies” exist only in the fetid imaginations of racists and bigots.

If someone you know–including someone running for public office–starts to babble about “anchor babies,” back away, slowly. He or she is so taken with hate as to be beyond reason.

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Chris Honore marvels at the appeal of Donald Trump and finds an alarming analogy. A snippet:

To hear Trump speak is to shudder, not only because of his words, but because his free-association rants are often delivered in the context of large gatherings, audiences that cheer while he spins his vision for America, prompting the question: Who are these people and what has happened to the party of Lincoln?

The answer may reside with ISIS. To explain, at least in part, the attraction of this group, Roger Cohen posited in the New York Times that what this caliphate offers is a release from the “burden of freedom” while offering purpose and meaning as well as strict moral boundaries and order. There is the promise of salvation and martyrdom framed by a code of behavior (sharia law) that is enforced with lethal finality while simultaneously surrounding the true believer with community and approbation.

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I’ve mentioned before my opinion that persons who complain about “political correctness” are part of the “have cake, eat it too” crowd: They want to be permitted to be nasty without penalty.

Historiann sums it up quite nicely. A snippet:

Complainers about the “p.c. police” are hypocrites. They demand a conflict-free work environment for themselves, while criticizing students for being conflict-averse and “afraid” of ideas they dislike.

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Defund Planned Parenthood Now crowd:  syphillis, gonorrhea, clamydia, HIV, breast cancer, etc.

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Fundie frolics.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

I think Henry Mancini* wrote a song about just these sorts of antics:

When we played our crusade,
We were like children posing . . . .


*I apologize to the memory of Mancini, who was a marvelous composer whose music I cherish, but, really, I couldn’t resist.

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. . . or be held in contemptible court.

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Seventh Commandment frolics.

Which reminds me of the story about the fellow who was drowsing through a sermon about the Ten Commandments. When the preacher got to the Seventh Commandment, he perked up and said to himself, “Ah, that’s where I left my umbrella . . . .”

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What is wrong with these people?

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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Reg Henry calls out the meanness behind those who whine about “political correctness:

What we basically have here is the grievance that people just can’t call anybody anything anymore without a big fuss being made. Oh, for the halcyon days when men were men and women were chicks, sluts or hormonally challenged, and so on (insert here your own slandered group). In fits of debased nostalgia, some people want to go back to those sorry times, and they think only political correctness is stopping them.

What bunk. As most of us learned in kindergarten as our first practical experience of free speech, when you say something mean, some kid is likely to whack you with a wooden block. In the real world, then as now, reacting to negative language is not necessarily political. Oftentimes, it is just insensitivity and bad manners inviting a reaction.

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Woman's (Presidential) Cycle:  Year One, All's Well;  Year Two, Coping, Thanks!  Year Three:  Feeling Good; Year Four (confronted by demonstrators holding signs like