Frolicking with intent to stifle.


Aid to Donald Trump:   Good news, sir,  You have a plausible path to 270 . . . the number of women who say you groped them.

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In related news, writing at Psychology Today Blogs, Azadeh Aalai explores the assumptions and behavior of rape culture as personified in Trumpery. Here’s just a bit of her long and thoughtful article; do please follow the link for the rest:

Women supporters for Trump held signs at a rally in NYC following the leak of these tapes that read, “Better to grab a pus*y than to be a pus*y.” This is rape culture—when the very genitalia of an entire sex of people is used to degrade and offend, to indicate inferiority and weakness. When the very language that is constructed within the culture is phallic-centric and elevates male body parts while undermining or shaming female body parts. When Shonda Rhimes, prominent writer and executive producer of hit ABC shows, shares in interviews that the censors would limit how many times the actors could say the word “vagina” on a medical-based television show, this reflects the taboo associated with the female body (in fact, her shows are credited with breaking the taboo of naming female genitalia, and has been identified as pioneering a new generation of shows that are more apt—and able—to use the term vagina on air). When in the aftermath of the leaked tapes, the Trump campaign (and his supporters) disregard his comments as “locker-room talk” that further indicates the insidiousness of rape culture.

The self-proclaimed party of “family values” has come out of the closet to reveal that “family values” was never anything more than a pick-up line for grabbing voters by the ba**ot.

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Title:  The King of Mansplaining:  Sinking ship against iceberg in distance.  Ship's Captain in lifeboat says,

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Evangelical saying,

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Title:  The GOP Outreach to Women.  Image: Arm wearing

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Andres Oppenheimer wonders why it took so long:

Since Trump announced his run for the presidency in mid-2015, he based much of his campaign on the premise that most Mexican immigrants are “rapists” and “criminals.” He has repeatedly insulted Muslims, as if all 1.6 billion of them were terrorists, and has publicly made fun of the physically handicapped. And with some notable exceptions, Republicans looked the other way.

Where were McCain, New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and dozens of other high-profile Republicans who didn’t break with Trump until the Oct. 7 release of Trump’s now infamous video?

Most of them, like McCain, explained that they had made their difficult decision because “I have daughters.” Where were they when Trump demonized Hispanics? Don’t they have any Hispanic friends?

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*With apologies to George Orwell.


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I have two daughters. I never ever thought–I cannot conceive of having ever thought–of dating either one of them.

Guess I’m not Republican Presidential candidate material.

Pardon me now while I take a few moments to stop my skin from crawling.


Today’s Republican Party is a vile and loathsome thing.

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Dick Polman:

Hey, there’s good news for Donald Trump. No women have come forward to accuse of him of physical assault since 10:30 last night.

He goes on to point out that he’s writing in the morning, and no one knows what today might bring.

Meanwhile, in The Charlotte Observer, Keith Larson marvels at this coarse discourse (emphasis added–more at the link):

Even as I type, some in the United States Senate, including prominent social conservative Jeff Sessions (R-AL), are actually questioning whether grabbing a woman by the genitals constitutes sexual assault.

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(Link fixed.)

Solomon Jones writes of his recent interview of Tim Kaine. Not surprisingly, the Trump Tape came up as a topic. Mr. Kaine did not mince words; he minced Trump. Here’s an excerpt; follow the link for the rest.

“I think there is no doubt that the behavior described in the (Trump) video is sexual assault,” Kaine told me. “You can’t grab people’s genitals. That’s sexual assault. I mean, it is clear. And I very much dismiss a Donald Trump who’s trying to say, ‘Well, this is locker room talk,’ or a Rudy Guiliani: ‘You know, this is kind of what men do.’

“No, it’s not. It’s what sexual abusers do, but it’s not what men do.”

I wholeheartedly agree. Talking about grabbing strange women by the genitals without their permission is not locker-room talk. It’s sociopath talk.

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The Rude One points out that the Republican Party brought Trump on themselves. (He’s so upset he doesn’t even cuss.) Here’s a bit; follow the link for the rest:

We don’t get here without the 25 years of right-wing demonization of Hillary Clinton. We don’t get here without every fruitless investigation into something Clinton-related, all political retribution for Bill Clinton daring to be elected president and his wife daring to step out of the prescribed social role of First Lady. On NPR, the genuinely evil Michael Chertoff, who had various roles in the Bush II administration, said he was supporting Clinton this year. And while that is cause for alarm itself, here is what he said about how those investigations affected the safety of the country: “In looking back on that I realized that in the ’90s we spent an enormous amount of time pursuing issues involving the Clintons’ associations back in Arkansas in the ’80s, Whitewater and other things, and we didn’t spend nearly the same amount of time on what bin Laden was up to and others were up to in the region.” This is the guy who led the probe into the Whitewater land deal, one of the earliest and longest-lasting fake Clinton scandals. He says that Clinton derangement syndrome diverted attention away from real threats.

Today’s Republican base is a vile and loathsome thing, and the Republican Party did it to itself.

The Republican Party created its base when Richard Nixon decided to woo racist, segregationist bigots with his odious Southern Strategy. The bright minds–at least they called themselves the “bright minds,” as the old man back home would have said–of Nixon’s Republican Party believed that they could control and manipulate the rubes and hayseeds, as no doubt they conceived of them, to short-term political advantage.

Their plan succeeded so well that the rubes and hayseeds now control and manipulate them, to the peril of the polity.


*That’s not just scripture. It’s also sociology.

Addendum, Late That Same Night:

The peril to the polity manifests itself: This is the reaping of what the Republican Party’s hate-full, apocalyptic war on the Clintons over the past two and a half decades has sown.

Where is HUAC when you need them?

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At Above the Law, Elie Mystal suggests that Sunday’s Presidential debate had the wrong “moderators.” Here’s the essence of the post:

Last night, we saw what those people think they always see, stripped of what they think of as “the bullcrap.” But we didn’t see American “politics” on display. The bullcrap is what would have made it “politics.” Instead, we saw a rutting bull challenge a pride lion for the right to f**k America. David Attenborough should have moderated that thing: “Here, the challenger rubs his scrotum on the dais. It’s not meant to cause harm, he’s merely trying to show his dominance. In response, the matriarch ignores him. She knows that attention is all he seeks.”

In the wild, a successful challenger will kill or cast out the old leader. Some animals will eat the children of their rivals, to ensure the purity of their line. Donald Trump threatened to do that to Hillary Clinton, last night. He asserted that, should he be engorged with power, he would have Hillary Clinton hounded and likely destroyed. The “jail” threat seems like a normal if classless attack to people who think this is all some kind of game. It’s actually despotic degradation of civil society.

Folks, preventing this sort of preening display is what “political correctness” is all about. Those who complain about “political correctness” seek license to offend without penalty.

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I recall a few months ago when seemingly the entire Republican Party was concerned about their wives and daughters walking into a restroom and being groped or molested by a trans-woman.  But now they seem to think it's perfectly fine for their nominee to do it to any woman he happens to lust after.

Speaking of “Republican Family Values” . . . .

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