Unarmed black kid is shot by cops.  White man says,

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Chauncey Devega argues that far too much attention is paid to the differences amongst the Republican candidates for the presidential nomination. He find their similarities to be much more important–and troubling. Here’s a bit from his typically long and tightly-reasoned post:

A focus on the horse-race narrative and an obsessive parsing of the differences between the 2016 Republican presidential primary candidates—and the reasons for their varying levels of success in Iowa—is potentially very dangerous because it risks overlooking the extreme, radical and dangerous right-wing policy proposals that unite the field.Almost all of the 2016 Republican presidential primary candidates share the following beliefs:

      1. That the United States should bomb and kill many thousands of innocent people in the Middle East and elsewhere in order to supposedly stop the spread of ISIS and other terrorist organizations.
      2. Torturing suspected terrorists—even though such acts are both immoral and ineffective in retrieving actionable intelligence information—is acceptable.
      3. “God’s law” should supersede the United States Constitution.
      4. They are anti-science and do not believe that global warming is a real, scientifically proven, empirical fact.
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The contemporary Republican Party is a radical political organization that has betrayed the core tenet of “conservatism,” what is a belief in stability in the face of radical change. To that end, movement conservatism seeks to undo the consensus politics of the World War II and post-World War II era because it views the great successes of the New Deal, the Great Society and the civil rights movement(s) as a threat to the excesses of unrestrained capitalism and white male power.


One more time, persons who complain loudly about “political correctness” demand license to be offensive without penalty.



Paul Prather tries to understand why persons who call themselves “Christian” support Donald Trump. He expresses his wonderment:

Trump is an insulting, profane, thrice-married, megalomaniacal billionaire from New York City who can’t even pronounce 2 Corinthians correctly. Indeed, he seems to proudly stand for everything the Christian faith supposedly opposes.

And yet a great throng of Christians love the guy.

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That whole “2 Corinthians” flap was stupid and silly (sort of like Trump). It wasn’t even a mistake, it was just a less common usage.


Shorter Minnesota court ruling: Live and let die.


Image:  Republicans dressed as Puritans subjecting woman labeled

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Just mean for the sake of mean . . . .

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Christian Schneider, a “conservative” columnist for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, wonders what went wrong. Here’s part of his lament:

But it’s also possible that us eggheads, sitting behind our glowing screens philosophizing about voter behavior, stopped actually going out and talking to real voters. Just as modern technology allows members of each party to live in their own virtual reality — a conservative can now go the entire day without reading or hearing a dissenting viewpoint — that same technology can cause internecine fractures within parties themselves.

For instance, a conservative who listens to talk show radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin or Sean Hannity likely has a far different assessment of the Republican Party than those who curl up with copies of National Review or the Weekly Standard, or even my regular column. While ostensibly working for the same goals, these groups might not even recognize each other if they walked by each other on the street.

Missing from his tua culpa is any recognition that his vaunted Republican intelligentsia has been complicit in rationalizing Republican lies, such as trickle-on economoics and the Great and Glorious Patriot Lie for Irag, and Republican bigotry, such as the right-wing culture war, mass incarceration, and the war on black and brown people drugs.

The difference between the “conservative intelligentsia” and Rush Limbaugh is a difference in style only.

Genteel venality is still venality.


Mattel introduces more realistic Barbies:  Non-White Barbie, who comes with two glass ceilings; Reproductive Freedom Barbie, who comes wiht her own Congressman trying to legislate her lady parts; Income Inequality Barbie, who earns 78% of what Ken makes.

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Josh Marshall tries to make sense of the Bundy Bund. A snippet (emphasis added):

Here, though, these guys have this bucket of nonsense hokum about Magna Carta and Sheriffs somehow being the true “sovereigns” over state governments, federal governments, the people themselves and all of this means the federal government can’t manage and charge grazing fees for land that it in fact owns. These aren’t archaic ideas that were once true but are now outdated. This stuff was never true or even made any sense. Clearly, there’s a sense of alienation and entitlement and a cultural posture driving these beliefs but I’m sorry, that’s just a complete f’ing pile of nonsense that isn’t based on anything.


As I said at the outset of this story (and it’s not over), in the context of the on-going dialog about race, police use of force and violence and all the ways these wrenching issues interweave with each other, this whole ridiculous episode amounted to a sort of white privilege performance art.

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Warning: Language.

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Honest to Pete, you can’t make this stuff up.


Flowchart ridiculing persons who oppose gay marriage because of a single verse in Leviticus by pointing out other Biblical prohibitions (eating pork and shellfish, for example) that they ignore.

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In my local rag, Phil Terrana explains in detail what has been mentioned here from time to time: Those who complain of “political correctness” demand the privilege to offend others without penalty. A nugget:

For bigots — and there will always be bigots — any move toward civility is unwelcome. The government that forced fairness on them has become someone else’s government, not theirs. They want their government back, like two-year-olds want their toys back when sharing becomes too burdensome.

For these people, becoming better people has a ring of phoniness to it, a sense of dishonesty. Because they can’t change their ways, they can’t understand how others can. They’ve began calling this civility by a new name — political correctness — and attached a stigma to it.

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This is just creepy.


Y’all Qaeda institutes Sagebrush Sharia in Oregon.


No self-awareness. No self-awareness whatsoever.


Frontier Town was an Western-themed amusement park near that far west resort town, Ocean City, Maryland, in the era when every little boy wanted a cowboy suit and a Mattel Fanner Fifty. (It seems to live on as a campground.)

Like Hollywood’s versions of the Wild Wild West, it was not then and has never been a real place.


A Virginia Republican wants to get all up in your kids’ family valuables.