One more time: Persons who whine about “political correctness” want permission to offend without penalty.

Also, too.


If white right-wingers do it, it is ipso facto not terrorism. After all, they are white, not brown.

That’s how it works, isn’t it?

Also, in more news of not terrorism . . . .


The farcical War on Christmas goes international.


Oh, wait. Funny or Die has gotten hold of the Republican Party’s proposed religious test for immigrants.

Follow the link to find out whether you would pass.


Evidential twits.


Useful Facebook.


Ron Littlepage is taken aback. Here’s a bit; follow the link for the rest.

The outstanding quote of last week has to go to state Rep. Matt Gaetz.

He’s pushing a bill that would allow the 1.4 million Floridians who have concealed carry gun permits to openly carry their firearms.

During a House committee debate on the legislation, Gaetz had this to say, according to Politico Florida:

The bill restores a right “granted not by government but by God.” Say what?

As someone who was raised in the Baptist church and who graduated from a Baptist university, Baylor, I’ve read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations more than once.

But I must have missed the part about God coming out in favor of open carry.

Jeez Louise, you can’t make this stuff up.

As a Southerner, I often find myself resenting the way white Southerners* are portrayed as dumbass hicks. Even when I was a kid, I couldn’t stand the Beverly Hillsillies.

It’s been a theme since the earliest days of film and, later, broadcast media (we won’t even talk about print). Find any old radio or television comedy show with a character from the South, you will find a dumbass hick. Heck, Tennessee Ernie Ford made a fortune playing dumbass hicks. Even Andy Griffith achieved his first great success as a dumbass hick in No Time for Sergeants. And don’t forget Jim Nabors and George Lindsey.

But, honest to Pete, as long as a great lot of white Southerners continue act like dumbass hicks, I have to concede that they are asking for it.

*The portrayal of black Southerners is another, much more evil story.


Still from Monty Python Spanish Inquisition skit

Nobody expected the Republican Inquisition either.


Mike Kelly considers Chris Christy’s Bully’s Pulpit:

JUST IN TIME for Thanksgiving, Chris Christie seems to have taken on a new role as the crazy uncle who shows up for the family turkey dinner and spouts all manner of theories about how the world ought to be run.

So listen up. Uncle Chris is talking. He had quite a lot to say last week.

Christie, who made his political bones and attracted national attention by picking on teachers, has a new and even weaker group to attack – refugees from war.

Do please read the rest.

The Republican Party has become a vile and loathsome thing.

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Image of Franklin Roosevelt saying,

Via The Bob and Chez Show Blog.

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Cartoon ridiculing arguments against science and scientific findings.
Click for a larger image.

Via Kos.

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Megan Phelps-Roper, a granddaughter of Fred Phelps, the founder of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, left that “church” a few years ago. Recently, she read an article about ISIS in the Atlantic. Here’s part of what she had to say.

“As I was reading it I was hearing so many themes that were similar to my own upbringing,” she said. “Obviously, my family, Westboro Baptist Church, is not ISIS, but there are so many aspects of the way they believe and things that just struck me as I was going through it.”

Follow the link to learn why she says that.

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Title:  Jeb said

Via Job’s Anger.

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Don’t get caught thinking.

If there is one thing the United States of America has done well, from internment camps for Americans of Japanese descent to HUAC to demonizing ladies named after an ancient Egyptian goddess to cowering at the sight of a child, it is to violate its stated ideals when it’s a-skeert, even when what it’s a-skeert of is based on a hoax.

Just look around. It’s the Land of the Fee and the Home of the Knave.

I am ashamed of my country.

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Title:  No Room at the End.  Image:  NC Republican Governore Pat McCrory to Joseph and Mary:  I'm sorry, you might be terrorists.

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Warning: Language.

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When I was a young ‘un, back in the olden days, my school district finally gave in to Brown v. Board of Education, a decision rendered eleven years earlier. (My county had not participated in “massive resistance”; its resistance had been quite passive.)

We “integrated” (this was in 1965) which meant that one very brave black girl (who I am certain was carefully chosen for toughness and resilience) from the black high school joined the white high school’s senior class; no white students moved to the black high school.* The next year, a few more black students joined a few more classes at the white high school.

This was known as “gradual integration.”

Proms and school dances for that and I-don’t-know-how-many subsequent years were then cancelled because one of them and one of us might dance together.


*Many white students, though, were pulled out of the white high school to attend the new seg academy all-white “private” school.

By the by, whenever I hear anyone complain of “forced busing,” I will remember that I was forced-bused right by the black high school to the white one.

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I have mentioned before that I believe that, generally,* complaints about “political correctness” are code for “I want to do and say offensive things without penalty.”

Addendum, a Bit Later:

Here’s another perspective.

*Sure, there are occasional outbreaks of silliness; silliness is part of the human condition. Those, though, are insignificant compared to the daily blare of hatred, bigotry, misogyny, and prejudice.

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I won’t pretend to understand the logic, if there is any, behind the attacks at Paris, but I am taken aback by the number of persons who do pretend to do so. At Gin and Tacos, Ed takes a stab at it, and, sadly, his theory has a sort of logic to it. I don’t know whether he is correct, but I do think it’s worth a read.

A snippet:

. . . what ISIS wants is to push European states far enough to produce a massive anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim backlash. Not just a backlash in terms of attitudes and prejudices but of laws. If some far-right government came to power in France and decided, for example, to round up every Muslim into camps or to force Muslims to carry electronic devices to track their movements then ISIS and their ilk can claim to be prophetic; “See? See? Look at how they treat us!”