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Listening to The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart on QMMP while checking email in Mutt in the Terminator terminal emulator while monitoring computer usage with GkrellM on Slackware –Current with a GUI managed by the Fluxbox window manager, praise Bob!

Slackware screenshot

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Mine rescue experts and firefighters had to come to the aid of a group of teenagers after they became hopelessly lost in Wiltshire while searching for Pokémon Go characters deep underground.

The four teenagers had ventured into the network of caves at Box to play the augmented reality game, which launched in the UK this week and is already sweeping the nation.

The stupid. It burns.


And then there’s this.

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Goat:  None of my tweets are going out today.  Pig:  Yeah, Rat went hunting.  He shot the twitter bird.  Enter Rat with his trophy, saying,

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What’s a little breaking and entering when it can get you hit points*?

Another aspect of the game’s virtual landscape is the Pokémon Gym – where characters can battle against each other.

After one such ‘gym’ was discovered on the grounds of the Technical University of Denmark, where construction work is currently taking place, a number of people tried to break in.

The university has asked via its website that players refrain from trespassing on the building site.

We are an society of international stupid.


*Do gamers still call them “hit points”?

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Scariest headline e-vuh.


A Danish court realizes that running a for-profit gypsy cab outfit is not “sharing,” even if you do with your iJunk:

The Copenhagen City Court ruled on Friday that Uber’s profit motive means it is not a true ridesharing programme but instead is akin to an illegal taxi service.

It is now expected that Friday’s ruling will clear the way for cases to proceed against an additional 40 Uber drivers who have been charged with violating taxi laws.

More at the link.

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Now you see it, now you don’t.

Addendum, Later That Same Day:

From El Reg:

On Thursday, Facebook said a “technical glitch” caused the recording to be pulled from its social network. However, Reynolds claimed officers seized her phone and took over her Facebook account to delete the evidence.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the event have tonight confirmed to The Register that someone – highly suspected to be the city’s police – used her phone to remove her recording from public view shortly after the shooting. This was no technical glitch.

More at the link.

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KCEA is back streaming.

If you saved the stream to a playlist in *.m3u, *.pls, or other such format, note that the URL for the stream has changed and update your playlist accordingly.

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Learn about the wonderful world of free and open source. Use computers to do what you want, not what someone else wants you to do.

It’s not hard; it’s just different.

Tidewater Unix Users Group

What: Monthly TWUUG Meeting.

Who: Everyone in TideWater/Hampton Roads with interest in any/all flavors of Unix/Linux. There are no dues or signup requirements. All are welcome.

Where: Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital in Norfolk Training Room. See directions below. (Wireless and wired internet connection available.) Turn right upon entering, then left at the last corridor and look for the open meeting room.

When: 7:30 PM till whenever (usually 9:30ish) on Thursday, July 7.

Lake Taylor Hospital
1309 Kempsville Road
Norfolk, Va. 23502 (Map)

Pre-Meeting Dinner at 6:00 PM (separate checks)
Uno Chicago Grill
Virginia Beach Blvd. & Military Highway (JANAF Shopping Center). (Map)

Join the forums.

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Assume the position.

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No place to hide.

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Meet me at the intersection of Ignorant and Stupid, two blocks down from Empty Gesture.

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Title:  Self-Driving Minibuses Coming to Las Vegas.  Image:  Minibus surrounded by cars whose drivers are texting as they careen about.  One minibus passenger says to another,

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The Guardian’s Chips with Everything podcast explores the darknet.