There’s nothing like a little politeness to end an argument.

According to the police report, Schmidt had been drinking for several hours before returning home, consuming more alcohol and arguing with his girlfriend at their Coon Prairie residence. At approximately 1 a.m., the female party departed to go to the restroom, when she heard a gunshot. She returned to find Schmidt laying on the floor bleeding from his head.

Schmidt told law enforcement that the shooting was not intentional and that the loaded handgun had accidentally discharged striking him in the head.

And yet another gun that seems to have fired itself . . . .

. . . and yet another gun nut too stupid to unload a gun when preparing to clean it.


Politeness takes practice.

Investigators say the shooting death of a Harrisburg man at a West York gun range appears to be an accident. Police were called to West York Sporting Goods, located at 1059 W. Market St., around 7:18pm Monday. A man was reportedly shot at the indoor gun range.


Facilitate familial politeness.

A six-year-old boy was shot in the stomach by his five-year-old brother, in the third child shooting in four days in Texas.


Relatives say the youngster, named Hayden, loved to play cops and robbers with his little brother and told local news station KHOUthat they fear the boys may have thought the weapon was a toy.


The Kraken tries to understand the right-wing fascination with firepower. A snippet:

Owning as many firearms as possible and making sure they are as powerful as possible is part of the identity and uniform of the American Fascist. Bob Altemeyer’s research has suggested that the Right-Wing Authoritarian Follower personality so often found in the American Fascist is profoundly aggressive, but qualifies that aggression as needing to be sanctioned by an authority figure. Unless the RWA feels overwhelmingly superior to his enemy, has overwhelming numerical superiority, or can aggress against an enemy while remaining safely out of reach he will act cowardly.


So it may be said that an American blackshirt is armed to the teeth with guns but aside from some military surplus largely lacks a uniform dictated by some ultimate authority. Their modus operandi is the lone wolf terror attack with a gun.

Follow the link. Read the rest.


Politeness is its own punishment.

Witnesses said DeHayes spun the .22 caliber revolver around on his forefinger, ‘gunslinger-style’, when it went off, hitting Mrs Hoover in the head.

The state has refused to prosecute because the incident was deemed accidental.

And though the victim’s family has launched an appeal to see him tried for manslaughter, DeHayes insists he has already been punished enough.


A permit for youthful politeness:

A three-year-old boy accidentally shot himself inside a home in northwest Harris County Friday, according to police. . . .

Harris County Precinct 5 Captain Romeo Chapa tells us they believe the child’s parents have a concealed handgun permit and that the child may have found the gun and accidentally shot himself.

The child didn’t make it.


Be polite to your neighbors.

A city resident told police that at 5:45 p.m. Thursday, she and her boyfriend and juvenile daughter were inside their apartment in the 600 block of Greenbrier Court when they heard a loud bang and a bullet came through the wall of the living room.

The round struck a piece of furniture in the dining area before it was spent, the report said. A few minutes later, Swisher, the victim’s next-door neighbor, knocked on the door and apologized for the incident.

Deadeye was arrested. The story does not indicate whether the charges against him include at least one count of stupid.


“Juvenile daughter.”

I imagine that that’s police-speak for “little girl.”

The stupid. It burns.

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Politeness is mandatory when students are at home.

A tragic accident now has a 14-year-old girl fighting for her life. A teenager was handling a gun at a Vinton home when the weapon discharged.

And we have yet another gun that discharges all on its ownsome.


Gunnuttery means never being responsible for guns that fire themselves.

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Be polite at the intersection of Stupid Street and Gun Nut Way.

A man accidentally shot himself in the neck Monday while at the stoplight at Lovers Lane and Fruit of the Loom Drive.


Police concluded the man accidentally discharged his gun inside his car when the gun shifted between the driver’s seat and the console. The man reached for the gun and unintentionally fired it while reaching, Grimsley said.

“‘Reaching’ for what?” one wonders.

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Another case in which cleanliness meets stupid:

Police charged 47-year-old Pedro Rosales with shooting his daughter in their Sutter Avenue apartment about 4 p.m. Saturday when a silver Colt .45 gun in his possession accidentally discharged while cleaning. The baby was struck in the lower abdomen, according to police.

The father has been charged with all kinds of stuff. Meanwhile, this politeness resulted in no charges.

‘Splain me the difference, Lucy.

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More polite parenting.

A 13-year-old boy is dead and a 25-year-old father is in custody after what Baton Rouge Police described as an accidental shooting Saturday (Feb. 21).

Adonis Forbes had come to check on the teenager, Murain Hawkins, who was babysitting Forbes’ children in the 2000 block of Tennessee Street. Police said Forbes was “working on his handgun” when the firearm discharged, striking Hawkins.

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Politeness is essential to proper parenting.

A family, including the mother and the son, were climbing out of a pickup truck in a parking lot near the intersection of Shennum Drive and Palmer Wasilla Highway when the mother’s revolver fell out of its holster, according to Alaska State Trooper media reports.

The gun fell to the pavement hammer-first and discharged one round on impact, which went through the (four-year old–ed.) boy’s leg above the knee and lodged in the trim of a nearby building, according to the release.

Not only did this gun discharge itself all on its ownsome, it fell out of its holster without apparent human intervention. No one could have figured out how to keep the gun in its holster. Life is just funny that way; sometimes, a gun’s gotta do what a gun’s gotta do . . . .

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To quote the Jefferson Airplane, politeness “leaves you no, no place to hide.”

Sheriff’s Capt. Gayle Wells said Dana Beckett and her boyfriend were visiting the home in the Sunnywood subdivision Thursday when she was reportedly shot by accident while seated in the restroom.

“Two other people in the house were handling a firearm that accidentally discharged, and (the bullet) went through a wall and struck her in the upper left chest,” Wells said.

And another gun that fires itself. . . .

The stupid. It burns.

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The polite do not discriminate. A target is a target.

A pair of area hunters had their licenses revoked and were issued a fine for their involvement in the accidental shooting of a pair of horses on a property in Livingston County last month.

Christian H. Smith, 48, of Phelps, and Glenn R. Gosson, 47, of Fairport, accidentally shot the horses while coyote hunting on a property on Moore Road in the town of West Sparta on Jan. 24, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Because horses and coyotes are hard to distinguish when viewed through a gun sight . . . .


In the Charlotte Observer, Glenda Gilmore, an ex-pat North Carolinian now living in Connecticut, comments on the case of Craig Hicks, who killed three Muslim students for reasons that remain unclear.* A snippet:

If Hicks had been a Muslim, the press would have immediately branded him a terrorist, which of course he is. Would Craig Stephen Hicks have shot me, a white woman old enough to be his mother, over a parking dispute at our apartment complex? I think not.

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The polite are always loaded.

According to police, the man was cleaning his loaded shotgun around 7:45 p.m. when it discharged. The shotgun pellets hit the man’s son in the stomach.

Now, about those IQ tests for gun ownersh–oh, never mind.


I have cleaned many guns in my time; the raw unvarnished stupidity of cleaning a loaded gun leaves me flat speechless.

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The polite practice family togetherness:

The father was apparently cleaning a handgun when it discharged. The bullet went through the father’s hand, struck the 11-year-old sitting on a couch, and struck the mother in the elbow.

The child did not survive.

Yet another gun nut too stupid to unload a gun before cleaning it.

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Do not allow politeness to take a back seat to anything.

A 4-year-old Indiana girl accidentally shot her father from the back seat of the family’s car, and it’s the dad who faces felony charges, prosecutors said Sunday.

. . . Paulson was shot Jan. 31 when his daughter, who wasn’t in a child restraint seat, pulled the loaded .40 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun from the pocket of her dad’s overalls, according to a probable cause affidavit, prosecutors said. It went off and hit Paulson in his upper right arm.

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The Assault Rifle Sportsman:  All the mounted trophies on the wall are spotches.  The Sportsman is saying,

Click for a larger image.

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Another child is given the opportunity to exercise politeness.

Police say the 10-year-old daughter of a California sheriff’s lieutenant shot her younger sister with their father’s gun in an apparent accident. . . .

Gomez tells the Fresno Bee that the girls’ father was getting ready for work and had removed the magazine on his handgun before leaving it on a bed while he got ready for work.

He says the 10-year-old grabbed the gun and discharged a bullet left in the chamber hitting the younger girl.

In related news of the polite, gun nut claims that being required to unload his gun near schools infringes on his right to be polite.


I suspect my two or three regular readers find these report on the courteous to be tiresome.

I find the ammosexual carnage tiresome.