Uncle Sam, referring the Kansas hate crime, to Wayne LaPierre:

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Play politely now.

Investigators said a 15-year-old girl had been shot in the left buttock. IMPD said a known male* had shot her while playing with a gun.


*I wonder what exactly “known male” means: what did they know and how did they know it?


Politeness starts with the young.

A 3-year-old died from an apparent accidental shooting Sunday afternoon, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said.


Pap and his guest discuss the recent shootings at Fort Hood.


Politeness is convenient.

NRA member:

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Ignorance is an excuse.

Brannen Faulkner, 22, accidentally fired a handgun and shot Justin Felty, 21, in the chest, according to Lincoln police.

The gun had been purchased hours before the incident, and it appears Faulkner didn’t know how to use it before firing the shot, police said.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


I got a dollar to a doughnut that, had the shooter been Not White, he’d be charged with negligent homicide even as we speak, because you know why.


Man giving speech about stabbing spree in school near Pittsburgh:

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Oh, so “handling” is what they call it now.

Ray Adam Mangiafico, 21, shot himself while “handling” his 9mm Hi-Point handgun at an apartment in the 2000 block of Dahlia Road off Edgewood Avenue North, according to a police incident report. After shooting himself, he made his way downstairs, banged on his neighbor’s door and asked him to call 911.

He didn’t make it.

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Friends forever, politely.

Monteagle Police Chief Virgil McNeese inadvertently shot his best friend and hunting partner, Stanley Whitman, while the two were pursuing wild turkey. The 41-year-old Whitman died from his gunshot wound in the hospital a day after the shooting.

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Gun nuts show their colors.

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Toddling into politeless.

Police say an 11-year-old girl was shot and killed in West Philadelphia Saturday morning.

Action News has learned that the bullet was apparently fired by a 2-year-old boy playing with a gun.

Large amounts of corporate money are devoted to make packing heat seem normal so as to sell more guns. Make no mistake–the NRA is all about sales; the freedom stuff is nothing more than marketing–marketing calculated to appeal in large part to paranoid nutcases.

As one result, persons pack heat; when persons pack heat, innocents get hurt.

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Be polite to your friends.

It happened in the LionsGate apartment complex near 52nd and R streets around 7:30 p.m. Police say Felty was visiting his friend’s apartment when the friend accidentally fired off a gun, hitting him in the chest.

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No doubt this will work out exactly as its adherents predict (details at the link).

The state Senate passed a bill Thursday that grants immunity to people with clean criminal records who fire a warning shot or threaten to use deadly force in self-defense. It also seals court records of those charged with firing a weapon, but later have those charges dropped.

All seriousness aside, this is more carnage candy for the diminutive phallus brigade, who will not rest until every city is Dodge City and every hill is Boot Hill.

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Gabbing with gun nuts.

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Get a grip! Be polite.

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reported a 49-year-old man living in the 4500 block of Dover Street Circle East was home alone at 4:30 p.m. replacing the grip of his pistol when he accidentally pulled the trigger and shot himself on the hand.

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Another mass shooting at another military base.

Politeness is a wonderful thing, is it not?

NRA Paradise nears fruition.

First son is stationed on a different military base. I think I shall be ill.

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Politeness begins at home.

According to the complaint, Smith (the child’s grandmother–ed.) was holding on to the gun for someone else. She kept the gun in a shoebox underneath a bed.

One of the children in the house later found the gun, according to the complaint. While they were playing with it, the gun accidentally went off and (four year old–ed.) Keyontist Moffett sustained a bullet wound to the forehead.

More guns would certainly have prevented this.

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A question of identity:

WFMZ-TV (http://bit.ly/1mFuUur) said Monday that 27-year-old Zachary Troop of West Fallowfield Township, Chester County, was accidentally hit by a .22 caliber bullet in his upper leg on March 20.

Police said he was trying to shoot a rat when he shot himself instead.

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Another gun that just went off all by its lonesome, because inanimate objects animate themselves at the confluence of gun nut and stupid.

District Attorney Craig Stedman said Davis was alone with the baby girl and was handling a newly purchased 9mm handgun when the firearm discharged inside his apartment in the 2100 block of Old Philadelphia Pike in East Lampeter Township.

Words fail me.

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Show politeness at the gun show.

Police spoke with event organizers and a vendor, and say they learned a shot was fired onto the floor by accident after the back of the gun was bumped. A vendor told police that the weapon had been returned to them as defective earlier that week, but during a test firing someone forgot to empty the chamber. The magazine had been removed.

Too stupid to touch guns, let alone sell them . . . .