Great moments in polite parenting:

Adelaide Clinger, who attended Centennial Junior High, was accidentally shot and killed inside her home, 1941 Cooper St., on Nov. 23.

Kaysville police have released very few details about the shooting. But according to a search warrant filed in 2nd District Court, officers discovered upon initial investigation that “adults in the home were examining handguns.”

Clinger’s father placed a loaded 9mm handgun in his pants pocket, the affidavit states. That’s when a 10-year-old sibling “accessed the firearm and discharged the firearm,” striking Adelaide.

The investigation is continuing because these things take time.



The hunt for politeness continues apace.

While trying to shoot at some pheasants, one of the men in the group slipped in the mud and accidentally fired his 12-gauge shotgun at Newbold, striking him in the back.

Understand that I have nothing against hunters or hunting. I grew up with hunters who hunted.

It’s the stupid that gets my goat.



*H/T Driftglass for “Crazy Uncle Liberty.”


Politeness protects progeny.

A Memphis Police spokeswoman and family members say a six-year-old boy accidentally shot his four-year-old younger sister in the face Sunday evening at their grandmother’s home in Frayser. . . .

Relatives say the little girl was visiting her grandmother, who kept the gun that was used for home protection.


Frolicking gun nuts.


The hunt for politeness marches on.

‘Splain me, Lucy, why this sort of stuff is an “accident” and not “negligent homicide”?


More holster hijinks:

Brent Pipgrass, 36, was strapping a .45-caliber pistol into its holster just after 5:30 a.m. Saturday when the gun fell to the ground and fired, Pipgrass told deputies. The bullet struck Pipgrass in his lower leg.

Note how the gun fell, all on its ownsome. Heaven forbid that some real person with agency could have, like, you know, dropped it.


Play politely . . .

Dylan Harvey, 19, and Tony Roe, 23, were rolling the gun’s chamber and taking turns pointing it at each other, investigators said. Eventually, when Harvey pointed the gun at Roe, it went off. A bullet hit Roe in the chest, according to the Sheriff’s Office, but his injuries are not expected to be life-threatening. He was taken to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg, deputies said.

. . . and another gun that apparently just goes off all on its ownsome.


Being polite at the open-carry-out:

“A gentleman was eating at the Subway on Central avenue just before the shooting occurred,” said Lieutenant Detective John Stewart.

The gentleman, who was carrying a loaded semi-automatic handgun did not have a secure holster for the gun.

“As he was leaving, he bent down to pick up an aluminum can and his gun hit the ground and discharged, hitting him in the thigh,” said Stewart.

Guns and stupid go together so well.

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Be polite at home.

Deputies responded and found 41-year-old Tracie Shiflet dead in a duplex home at about 6:30 a.m.

Deputies said the victim’s longterm boyfriend, 33-year-old Edison Garcia-Muniz, was at Shiflet’s house, and they were handling his gun when it went off.

According to the story, he didn’t know the gun was loaded.

They never think to check, do they?

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Be polite to yourself.

Deputies responded to a rural Argusville home just before 5:00 p.m. on December 7 . Deputies found 38-year-old Robert Hanson with a gunshot wound. Hanson was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The investigation determined Hanson’s injury was caused by a self-inflicted, accidental discharge of a firearm.

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Gun nut paradise approacheth apace.

Inflatable Santa Claus holding an assault rifle atop Forth Worth, Texas, gun store.

Via Juanita Jean.

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Keep politeness in your sights.

OSBI said the 23-year-old man was accidentally shot by a 3-year-old Friday. Family members were at a home on Wells Street in Stringtown, and were sighting-in a rifle, when one of the children reached over and pulled the trigger. Shooting Brown in the neck.

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Party politely.

Four people who were associated with a party bus in downtown Minneapolis were shot at 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

Their wounds are not life-threatening, Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder said. The shooting occurred near the Minneapolis Central Library by the intersection of Hennepin Ave and N. 3rd Street.

The police have no idea (as my father would have said) “who shot John.”

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Study politeness.

University of Alaska Fairbanks officials say a student has died, apparently in an accidental shooting.

KUAC reports ( the body of the 48-year-old male student was found in a campus parking lot Thursday.

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Ammosexuals on parade.

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If it walks like a deer and quacks like a dee–oh, wait.

A hunter was shot and killed in Muskingum County on Monday, opening day of deer-gun season.

Adam Shinn, 26, of Adamsville, was accidentally shot by a member of his hunting party, said Ohio Division of Wildlife spokeswoman Bethany McCorkle. Shinn was hunting on his parents’ property at 5475 French Rd.

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Another unload of politeness:

The Lubbock Independent School district tells KCBD-TV parents were notified Sunday about the death of Jackson Roberts. Childress police say a 14-year-old boy thought he was playing with an unloaded gun on Friday and accidentally shot the Lubbock boy in the left shoulder.

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There’s no politeness like highly trained politeness.

McMahan was exiting his police cruiser when he accidentally shot himself with his personal firearm, according to DeBusk.

McMahan was accompanied by another officer, and the pair were getting ready to work an extra job at a construction site, DeBusk said. The second officer radioed for help and provided immediate medical care to McMahan, DeBusk said.