Be polite in a crowd.

Deputies received a report about 9:05 p.m. of a shooting at a home on the 1300 block of Lobelia Road, a Sheriff’s Office release said.

They arrived to find three people, two women and a man, with injuries, the release said.

Investigators determined that a gun belonging to the unidentified homeowner accidentally discharged into the concrete floor resulting in the injuries, the release.


Philly cops stand their ground and an innocent pizza delivery guy is shot for being.

The 20-year-old from Upper Darby had been running orders two nights a week for Slices & More for a few weeks. That was on top of another job at an airport restaurant.

Maybe he had heard the gunshots two blocks away – the ones two plainclothes officers were responding to – when they attempted to stop him just before 10 p.m. Moments later, they riddled the Taurus with 14 shots.

He was guilty of wearing a hooded sweatshirt (that’s what we used to call them in the olden days, when I was a young ‘un) and being visible.

I think the cops have been watching too many cop shows on the telly vision, where everyone is a mope and the cops are always right.

More pointless bloodshed at the link.


Politeness proliferates.

Des Moines police say a 4-year-old girl died after an apparent accidental shooting in her family’s apartment.


Sgt. Jason Halifax said the investigation was continuing, but it appeared that “safe weapons handling practices were not followed.”

They seldom are, are they?


Polite show-and-tell.

At approximately 11:55 p.m. on Sunday, the 24-year-old was visiting friends in the 900 block of Redfield Road when he asked to see his friend’s handgun, Eddie Hopkins of the sheriff’s office said.

As the man, who lives in the 400 block of Pollack Drive in Aberdeen, was looking at the gun and handing it back to his friend, he fired and shot himself in the abdomen, Hopkins said.


Driven to politeness:

A two-vehicle automobile accident quickly turned into an altercation and shooting Sunday evening northeast of Topeka, leaving one man in a local hospital with injuries not believed to be life threatening, Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones said.


In late-breaking news of the polite:

Police in South Houston are searching for a suspect who was accused of shooting a 3-year-old girl in what was thought to be a case of drunken road rage.


Politeness is essential to family relationships.

A two-year-old boy was in critical condition after an accidental shooting Friday evening in Wellsville.

Police and medical crews responded at 6:40 p.m. and found the boy had a single gunshot wound in the abdomen from a .22 caliber rifle. Initial evidence suggests the boy was shot by his three-year-old sister, according to Cache County Sheriff Deputy Brad Slater.


This, my friends, is the Gun Nut Garden of Eden.


Practice self-politeness.

Felton-Tucker told troopers he’d been at a bonfire at the end of Knik-Goose Bay Road, shooting a .22-caliber rifle when one of the rounds ricocheted off a backstop and hit his foot. He then drove himself to the hospital. Troopers say they don’t believe drugs or alcohol played any role in the incident.

The story is datelined “Wasilla,” which, like Clarissa, explains it all.


Pap and Robert Kennedy, Jr., discuss Mili(tant) the Moocher.

Part 1: The history.

Part 2: The Moocher.


Pap makes an error of fact in Part Two. It was the Philadelphia Police, not the Feds, that tried to bomb the MOVE house. I lived in the Philadelphia suburbs at the time and could see the smoke from my bedroom window. Also, MOVE was a quite an oddball outfit, more apocalyptic cult than anything else,* and extremely annoying to their neighbors, who wanted them to go away.

The Gloomy Historian offers an additional perspective; there’s an excerpt below the fold:

More »


What police are calling a hunting accident led to two men being airlifted from Clay County early Thursday morning.

Three men were hunting in a group when two of them were shot by an unknown man, according to Clay County Sheriff Kevin Johnson.

No doubt someone got confused over the difference between wild pig and long pig.



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Uncle Sam, referring the Kansas hate crime, to Wayne LaPierre:

Via Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog.

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Play politely now.

Investigators said a 15-year-old girl had been shot in the left buttock. IMPD said a known male* had shot her while playing with a gun.


*I wonder what exactly “known male” means: what did they know and how did they know it?

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Politeness starts with the young.

A 3-year-old died from an apparent accidental shooting Sunday afternoon, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said.

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Pap and his guest discuss the recent shootings at Fort Hood.

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Politeness is convenient.

NRA member:

Click for a larger image.

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Ignorance is an excuse.

Brannen Faulkner, 22, accidentally fired a handgun and shot Justin Felty, 21, in the chest, according to Lincoln police.

The gun had been purchased hours before the incident, and it appears Faulkner didn’t know how to use it before firing the shot, police said.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


I got a dollar to a doughnut that, had the shooter been Not White, he’d be charged with negligent homicide even as we speak, because you know why.

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Man giving speech about stabbing spree in school near Pittsburgh:

Click for a larger image.

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Oh, so “handling” is what they call it now.

Ray Adam Mangiafico, 21, shot himself while “handling” his 9mm Hi-Point handgun at an apartment in the 2000 block of Dahlia Road off Edgewood Avenue North, according to a police incident report. After shooting himself, he made his way downstairs, banged on his neighbor’s door and asked him to call 911.

He didn’t make it.

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Friends forever, politely.

Monteagle Police Chief Virgil McNeese inadvertently shot his best friend and hunting partner, Stanley Whitman, while the two were pursuing wild turkey. The 41-year-old Whitman died from his gunshot wound in the hospital a day after the shooting.

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Gun nuts show their colors.

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Toddling into politeless.

Police say an 11-year-old girl was shot and killed in West Philadelphia Saturday morning.

Action News has learned that the bullet was apparently fired by a 2-year-old boy playing with a gun.

Large amounts of corporate money are devoted to make packing heat seem normal so as to sell more guns. Make no mistake–the NRA is all about sales; the freedom stuff is nothing more than marketing–marketing calculated to appeal in large part to paranoid nutcases.

As one result, persons pack heat; when persons pack heat, innocents get hurt.