Remember all those teabaggers who demonstrated against the Affordable Care Act carrying signs that said, “Hands off my Medicare”?

Where are they now?

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Remember, it was the Republican Party that started calling it “Obamacare.”

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Trumpling the olds.

Nothing says “America” like making health care more expensive or, ideally, unobtainable.

I wonder what all the old white men who voted for Trump will think of this.


There was a pickup truck festooned with flags and Trump signs on a major local street for several weeks. I passed it on election day. Seated beside it were two old white men. All I have to say to them is “Get a brain, morans.”

By the by, I’m an old white man, but I already have a brain, thank you.

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Man labeled

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Family looking a dead Obamacare dressed as Caesar, knives stick out of his back.  Senate Republicans stand around in bloody togs.  Mitch McConnell says,

God forbid persons should be able to afford health care.

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Wendell Potter doesn’t try to hide his disgust at Aetna’s antics.

Health insurers . . . once again are demonstrating that nothing—absolutely nothing—is more important to them than making their rich shareholders even richer.

If that means making it more difficult for low- and middle-income Americans to get the medical care they need, so be it. “Too bad, so sad,” to use a phrase one of my former colleagues used to say when people complained about the way health insurers routinely screw their customers.


In fact, it is Aetna’s government business (Medicare and Medicaid–ed.) that is the only segment that is growing. Aetna and most of the other for-profit insurers have been losing private-paying customers on a regular basis for some time. But not to worry. As long as Uncle Sam has the Medicare and Medicaid faucets wide open and flowing straight into the insurers’ bank accounts, they couldn’t care less.

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Man wears

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AETNA spokesperson to rural man:  As a rural person, I'm sure you can understand our decision to pull out . . . . (man clutches chest) We were losing money in your county.  (Man is in hosptal bed)  It had nothing to do with the Feds blocking our merger with Humana.  (Man in cemetery plote)  Oh, I see you've already found another provider.

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Twits with benefits.

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A story of health care in Republican World.

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Welcome to the “health care marketplace”:

Weeklong trips to Japan. Winery tours, ballooning excursions, and spa treatments. Unrestricted grants for “research,” doled out by sales representatives.

Federal prosecutors said Tuesday it was all part of an illegal effort by Olympus Corp. of the Americas, based in Center Valley, Pa., near Allentown, to induce doctors and hospitals to buy its products: the pricey medical devices called endoscopes.

My ex is a nurse (and a damned good one, at that).

When I first met her, she was an OR nurse. The OR staff, including the doctors, at the little hospital where she worked at the time always looked forward to visits from pharma reps, because those visits meant free hoagies courtesy of Big Pharma.

This is called “unbiased evaluation of medical technology in the marketplace.”

Follow the link for the gruesome details.

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In the Austin Statesman, Tara Trower Doolittle exposes the con inheret in the term, “health care marketplace.”

In my time on the editorial board, I’ve heard various groups attempt to explain that rising medical costs are due to a failure of families to research the costs or an inability to prioritize their spending. But when your child falls and her bone is unmistakably broken, there is no time to go online and compare costs for orthopedic surgery, there is no form to sign to require hospitals to use only “in-network” specialists, and I dare anyone to suggest that perhaps you cut back on the pain medication to cut costs. Saying “Nevermind, let’s not fix this arm today” is not an option.

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In related news . . . .

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What a delightful coinage.