Image One:  Repeal:  Republicans push ACA in wheelchair to Capitol steps and push it over.  Image Two:  Replace:  Republicans walk away, saying,

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Elephant sitting on ACA hospital labeled

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Rat:  I heard you just got back from a trip overseas.  How are things?  Goat:  Terrible.  I got sick and had to go to the hospital where they made me wait eight hours in the Emergency Room.  Rat:  That's one of the risks of traveling overseas.  Goat:  That happened here.  Rat:  You should know better than to get sick here.  Goat:  I'm avoiding it from now on.

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Title:  Working on a Replacement for Obamacare.  Image:  Republicans choosing among Tylenol, Bayer, and Advil.

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Man reading letter to woman holding baby:  It says our health insurance is being replaced by a series of tweets calling us losers.

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Plutocrat:  You have to repeal Obamacare because it will mean fewer taxes for the 1%.  Uncle Sam:  Why should I treat your desire for more money as a healthcare priority.  Plutocrat:  It's pre-existing condition.

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TPM tries to figure out how many persons will lose health coverage under Paul Ryan’s plan to repeal the ACA. It’s not pretty.

Chart showing how many persons in each state would lose healthcare if the ACA is repealed.  Total is 23, 134,000 persons.

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The Republican Party: The Party of Mean for the Sake of Mean.


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Remember all those teabaggers who demonstrated against the Affordable Care Act carrying signs that said, “Hands off my Medicare”?

Where are they now?

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Remember, it was the Republican Party that started calling it “Obamacare.”

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Trumpling the olds.

Nothing says “America” like making health care more expensive or, ideally, unobtainable.

I wonder what all the old white men who voted for Trump will think of this.


There was a pickup truck festooned with flags and Trump signs on a major local street for several weeks. I passed it on election day. Seated beside it were two old white men. All I have to say to them is “Get a brain, morans.”

By the by, I’m an old white man, but I already have a brain, thank you.

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Man labeled

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Family looking a dead Obamacare dressed as Caesar, knives stick out of his back.  Senate Republicans stand around in bloody togs.  Mitch McConnell says,

God forbid persons should be able to afford health care.

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Wendell Potter doesn’t try to hide his disgust at Aetna’s antics.

Health insurers . . . once again are demonstrating that nothing—absolutely nothing—is more important to them than making their rich shareholders even richer.

If that means making it more difficult for low- and middle-income Americans to get the medical care they need, so be it. “Too bad, so sad,” to use a phrase one of my former colleagues used to say when people complained about the way health insurers routinely screw their customers.


In fact, it is Aetna’s government business (Medicare and Medicaid–ed.) that is the only segment that is growing. Aetna and most of the other for-profit insurers have been losing private-paying customers on a regular basis for some time. But not to worry. As long as Uncle Sam has the Medicare and Medicaid faucets wide open and flowing straight into the insurers’ bank accounts, they couldn’t care less.

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