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Being white and Republican has its rewards.

In a two-page order, the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that McDonnell could remain out of prison on his own recognizance because his appeal was “not for the purpose of delay” and raised “a substantial question of law or fact.” Though it is not clear which of McDonnell’s arguments resonated, experts said the higher court must believe at least one of the questions in his case is close.

All he did was sell the public trust for a Rolex and a ride in a Ferrari.

That in no way matches the heiniousness of shoplifting a six from a 7-11. Had he done that, he’d be wearing orange as I write this.

If you don’t know what “white privilege” is, look closely, because this is white privilege writ large.

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I’ve been wondering whether something like this would happen.

The Virginia State Bar announced today it has suspended former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s law license effective Jan. 29.

The bar’s Disciplinary Board decided the suspension as a result of McDonnell’s conviction on 11 federal corruption charges, according to a public notice. His license was already administratively suspended because McDonnell hasn’t paid his dues since mid-October 2014, it said.

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Six former Virginia attorneys general — four of them Democrats — are asking the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for permission to file a brief supporting former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s request for release pending the outcome of his appeal.

One more time:

Had he been done for shoplifting a package of Cheetos from a Cumberland Farms, he’d be wearing orange and living in solitary and never heard from again. All he did was sell out the pubic trust for a Rolex and a ride in a Ferrari, not at all comparable to lifting a bag of Cheetos, but he’s white, wears nice suits, has a square jaw, and looks good in meetings.

Also, no doubt, he has “suffered enough“(tm).

To quote the likely apochryphal words of the Emperor Augustine,

Words fail me. Nothing I could say could express the depth of my feelings on this matter.

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A federal judge has denied former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s request to remain free while he appeals his corruption convictions.

Of course, had he shoplifted a six from a 7-11, he would have been locked up long ago. All he did was sell the public trust for a Rolex.

No doubt further appeals are in the offing, as he’s white, Republican, and wears nice suits.

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Get out of JailWhen you are white and Republican and “’a good and decent man’ who served in the military,” sentencing guidelines go out the window, regardless of how much public trust you violated or how many wives you threw under the bus.


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The Regent is the consensus winner of TPM’s “Golden Duke Awards,” awarded in honor of Congressman Randy “Grease My Palm” Cunningham. Here’s what one of the judges had to say:

My pick for Best Scandal – General Interest is Bob & Maureen McDonnell, the former governor and first lady of Virginia, who were found guilty on multiple corruption counts for taking “gifts” from a wealthy Virginia businessman in exchange for political favors. McDonnell is an anti-gay Christian conservative who got his law “degree” at Pat Robertson’s Regent “university.” McDonnell ran on a “family values” platform—he pimped his wife and kids on the campaign trail and promised to “defend” marriage from same-sex couples—and then, after he was indicted, McDonnell threw his wife under the bus. Everything was his wife’s fault: she was crazy, greedy, and scary and poor Bob couldn’t do anything but stand helplessly by while his wife accepted money and gifts… including gifts for him.

Follow the link for the rest of the winners.

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Get out of JailThe Regent plays his white male Republican Get Out of Jail Free card.

After all, accountability is for those people, if you know what I mean.



One of my neighbors said to me the other day, “My old neighborhood was getting dark, if you know what I mean.” I knew.

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“Tis awards season, and Dan Casey has posted his list of the 2014 Dano Awards winners. A snippet:

There’s absolutely no doubt about who deserves the Dano for “Suffering Husband of the Year.” That would be former Gov. Bob McDonnell, and it’s well supported by his and others’ sworn testimony during McDonnell’s corruption trial last summer.

The linchpin of McDonnell’s defense was to paint his wife (and former Redskins cheerleader) Maureen as an insecure but covetous social climber and shopaholic who bagged a generous sugar daddy, Jonnie Williams, on election night 2009.

A litany of brand-name luxury ensued, punctuated by a Rolex watch, an Oscar de la Renta gown, a $5,000 bottle of Louis XIII cognac, fancy vacations and a borrowed Ferrari. The booty they scored totaled at least $165,000.

Unfortunately for the ex-governor, the “crazy wife” defense didn’t work and both he and the missus seem headed for federal prison.

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Pap and others discuss the fall of the Regent.

The Congressman probably should have stayed home.


Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

There is tragedy in this. I am convinced that, to the end, they will be convinced of their virtue, that they were indeed entitled to these things because they were entitled to these things.

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Eugene Robinson recognizes the Regent’s Republican Family Values. A nugget:

How far would you go to stay out of jail? Would you publicly humiliate your wife of 38 years, portraying her as some kind of shrieking harridan? Would you put the innermost secrets of your marriage on display, inviting voyeurs to rummage at will?

For Robert McDonnell, the former Virginia governor on trial for alleged corruption, the answers appear to be: “As far as necessary,” “Hey, why not?” and “Sounds like a plan.”

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That summarizes the Regent’s defense.

Now comes Pat Robertson saying it’s all Obama’s fault.

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The Regency Medicine Show gets more interesting.

Two witnesses told a federal jury Monday about a personal testimonial from then-Gov. Bob McDonnell touting the tobacco-based diet supplement Anatabloc.

The supplement is at the heart of the corruption trial of McDonnell and his wife, Maureen. They are charged with soliciting more than $160,000 in loans, gifts and other favors from businessman Jonnie Williams in exchange for promoting the product made by Williams’ company, Star Scientific.

Lots more at the link.

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Jon Stewart takes on the case of the Regent and the Medicine Showman.

Moved below the fold because it autoplays on some systems.

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Dick Polman looks at the Regent and remembers Rick’s American Cafe.

Just read it.

In related news, a letter writer to my local rag reveals who won the bet on the defense strategy.

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Vivian Paige, preeminent local politics blogger and columnist for my local rag, asks, “Will the real Regent please stand up?”

The second day of the McDonnell trial brought the bombshell revelation of a splintered family. I couldn’t help but remember the former governor’s 1989 thesis, which was made public during his gubernatorial campaign. In it, Bob McDonnell lamented the breakdown of the traditional family and proposed specific policy proposals to curb it.

Either McDonnell didn’t take his own advice, or the defense is just an effort to win an acquittal. In either case, the Bob McDonnell of 1989 wouldn’t recognize the Bob McDonnell of 2014.

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The Regent went on trial today, and the trail opened with a bombshell.

Here’s a snippet from a long report in my local rag:

Those revelations came Tuesday morning during the opening statement of Maureen McDonnell’s defense team.

Attorney Bill Burck said Maureen McDonnell was unhappy and lonely as a governor’s wife. By the time Williams came onto the scene, the former first couple were “barely on speaking terms,” but were “putting on a brave face” for the public.

Burck said Williams used Maureen McDonnell to get to her husband, lavishing her with the “attention and time” she was not getting from “the other man in her life.”

Family Values. It’s a Republican thing.

Video ia C&L, which has more.

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It appears that the Regent also loves him a parade.

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell asked U.S. District Judge James Spencer on Thursday to permit 20 additional blank subpoenas for the defense, which would keep those witnesses’ names secret, for now.

Last month Spencer agreed to an initial 10 blank subpoenas for McDonnell. The former governor’s lawyers say blank subpoenas are critical to the defense in order to keep certain witnesses’ names from the prosecution and the public via the media.

When I entered college, I wanted to be a lawyer. Then I met some law students . . . .

Anyhoo, from my non-lawyerly perspective, I think the Regent’s legal staff has decided that their only available strategy is to raise so much dust that the truth becomes obscured by clouds.

More dust bunnies at the link.

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The Regent wants himself some character witnesses. A nugget:

“Mr. McDonnell cannot adequately defend himself without relying heavily on character witnesses,” defense attorneys wrote. “First, the heart of this case is a credibility contest between Mr. McDonnell on one hand and Mr. Williams, the Government’s chief witness, on the other.”

Prosecutors argued in their motion last month that any more than three character witnesses would be redundant. McDonnell’s attorneys disagreed.

In my experience, persons who have character don’t need wi–oh, never mind.