They aren’t who you think they are.

The Charlotte Observer observes:

“Why is everything taken at face value?” asked Kellyanne Conway, a key adviser to Donald Trump. Critics “always want to go with what’s come out of his mouth rather than look at what’s in his heart.”

Here’s why. We can’t see what’s in his heart. We can hear what comes out of his mouth. He’s quickly making himself the butt of an old joke: How do you know when Trump’s telling a whopper? His lips are moving.

More observations at the link.

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The kleptocrats are coming for the olds.

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Title:  Scarlet Letter.  Image:  Trump brown-shirts walk away from man holding

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In a column syndicated at the Portland Press Herald, Anne Applebaum, who was once herself a victim of a false news story originating in Russia, tries to understand why “fake news” has become a thing. She suspects that there is more to it than the lies and lying liars who propagate them or the gullible who gobble them up. Here’s a bit (emphasis added):

The fault is partly that of the Republican Party, which told people for years to hate and fear “Washington” and has now created a constituency that actually prefers information generated by the Kremlin or white supremacists.

The problem also lay with Hillary Clinton, who was hardly a trusted figure to begin with.

But it is also true that we are living through a global media revolution, that people are hearing and digesting political information in brand-new ways and that nobody yet understands the consequences.

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Good luck with Trump’s “Justice” Department.

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Shaun Mullen finds an eerie similarity in certain recent events. Here’s a snippet:

Despite government malfeasance before, during and after the terror attacks that lapsed into outright criminality, we were told to buck up and move on although report after report whitewashed the Bush administration’s culpability, there was a crackdown on civil liberties in the name of fighting Al Qaeda, and war was declared against Iraq that would take many tens of thousands of lives, provoke an immense refugee crisis and further destabilize the region although Saddam Hussein was a mortal enemy of Al Qaeda and had nothing to do with 9/11.

We also were told to buck up and move on when:

  • The Reagan administration secretly sent weapons to Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism, in 1985 as part of the Iran-Contra scheme. Reagan couldn’t be impeached, we were told, because America was still getting over Nixon and Watergate although only a few years later Bill Clinton would be impeached for a blowjob.
  • The Supreme Court in 2000 jumped the extra-constitutional shark and meddled in a presidential election, ruling that the winner was George Bush, who “won” because the Republican-controlled election apparatus in Florida was as fixed as the high court majority turned out to be.
  • The very moral foundations of our democracy were subverted by a secret post-9/11 program of dark-site prisons and the use of Nazi torture techniques no matter if the victims weren’t terrorists, which they often were not. This yielded no valid intelligence but did tank America’s standing abroad.

Is it merely a coincidence that all of these outrages were perpetrated by Republicans?

Do please read the rest.

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“Border-line demented” twits.

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Daniel Ruth is appalled by the fabulists that are Trumpling into power. Follow the link and read his column.

Mike Smith provides the illustration:

Man looking at headline on laptop:

We are a society of stupid.

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Shorter Badtux: Lies have consequences.

Discussion Question:

Who’s more dangerous, the liars or the persons stupid enough to believe them?

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Dick Polman waxes Pence-sive.

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Three persons labeled

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Republican elephant at flip chart headed

Via Job’s Anger.

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At Psychology Today Blogs, Jeremy Sherman dissects the Republican Party’s electoral strategy–repetitive fact-free discourse. A snippet:

So what is their strategy? It’s simple. I’ll call it the no-growth formula, a formula for pretending that you never having to grow or learn from anything ever again. All it requires is an unflinching ability to lie with a straight face, an ability to play infallible judge over every decision, and a handful of rhetorical tricks for turning the table on everything and everyone in your way, retaliating against all challenges with counterchallenges tenfold.


    “This guy doesn’t think. He just automatically says whatever makes him sound infallible.”
    “That’s not true.”
    “See, he did it again.”
    “No, you’re the one who makes stuff up.”
    “There he goes, like a robot turning every challenge back on the challenger.”
    “I’m not doing that. You are.”
    “There it is again. See that, folks?”
    “Well, you do it too.”
    “Always defensive.”
    “I am not!”
    “See that? He’s proving my point.”

The no-growth formula is their MO, their only trick, their one-size-tricks-all, wall to wall formula.

He goes on to argue that, against such thinking, facts are useless, which, I suppose, has been borne out by events. For example. (Regrettably, he does not suggest an effective approach beyond “wait it out.”)