Thom and Jared Yates Sexton wonder whether Trump is looking beyond the campaign to a media venture, sort of like this:

Roger Ailes + David Duke = TrumpTV

I don’t buy it.

I don’t think that Trump is capable of “plans,” at least not as most of us understand the term.

If he were, he’d not have left a trail of broken dreams and failed businesses.


Rule One: When preparing nefarious plans and devious plots, don’t write stuff down.


Daniel Ruth reiterates that Republican concerns over almost non-existent “voter fraud” is a con and a fraud.

It’s not the idea of dead people showing up at the polls, or non-citizens voting, or ballot box stuffing that threatens the integrity of our elections. It is the on-going efforts by government to engage in voter suppression to deny citizens their right to participate in elections.

Details at the link.


It’s a comment on Republicanism that its adherents know that they cannot win a fair election.

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Trump, on television, claiming that he will

Via Juanita Jean.

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Title:  Coal-Aid.  Image:  Kool-Aid pitcher carrying cup of water polluted by coal ash saying,

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Of course he knew. It was not credible that his aides would pull a stunt like that on their own.

A former aide to Governor Christie said the governor lied about his knowledge of his administration’s involvement in the George Washington Bridge lane closures, according to a new court filing.

Christina Renna, who worked under deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly, texted: “Are you listening? He just flat out lied about senior staff and (former deputy chief of staff Bill) Stepien not being involved.” Renna, who was listed in the papers as Christina Genoveses. She added that if emails were uncovered in court discovery, “it could be bad.”

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Title:  Clear Days in North Carolina.  Image:  NC Public Health Director looks at report stained with blotches of Duke Energy coal ash as staffer handing him the report stands in a large pile of coal ash:

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Learn more here.

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This is, natch, in no way related to N. C. Governor Perry’s having been employed by the Duke of Hazardous for three decades. Such a connection would be highly improp–oh, never mind.

North Carolina’s top public health official acted unethically and possibly illegally by telling residents living near Duke Energy coal ash pits that their well water is safe to drink when it’s contaminated with a chemical known to cause cancer, a state toxicologist said in sworn testimony.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of the 220-page deposition given last month by toxicologist Ken Rudo as part of a lawsuit filed against Duke by a coalition of environmental groups. The nation’s largest electricity company has asked a federal judge to seal the record, claiming its public disclosure would potentially prejudice jurors.

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Image of roast bird labeled

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A federal appeals court has overturned a lower court ruling upholding North Carolina’s gut-out-the-vote law. A snipped (emphasis added):

In the opinion, the panel of judges said that the law restricted voting in ways that “disproportionately affected African Americans” and that its provisions targeted “African Americans with almost surgical precision.” It said the state’s defense of the law was “meager.”

Sometimes even a court needs to point out the obvious.

More at the link.

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