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. . . is not standing up under judicial scrutiny, even the scrutiny of judges appointed by Republicans. A nugget (emphasis added).

Just 14 hours after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked Wisconsin’s voter ID law for the Nov. 4 election, five appeals court judges Friday issued a blistering opinion calling allegations of voter impersonation fraud “a mere fig leaf for efforts to disenfranchise voters likely to vote for the political party that does not control the state government.”

“Some of the ‘evidence’ of voter-impersonation fraud is downright goofy, if not paranoid, such as the nonexistent buses that according to the ‘True the Vote’ movement transport foreigners and reservation Indians to polling places,” wrote Judge Richard A. Posner of the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.

One suspects that the word, “goofy,” does not frequently appear in the opinions of Federal Appeals Courts.

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Warning: Language.

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Via Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog.

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Reg Henry muses on the motives of climate science deniers. A snippet:

The deniers do believe in science — it’s a libel to suggest otherwise — but the science they believe in is political science. Their political science tells them that the vast majority of the world’s scientists are magically in cahoots in order to impose socialism on the world and limit freedom.

This belief is where it all starts. It’s not about the few outlier scientists in the business of creating pasties to cover the shameless nudity of the philosophical body of denial thought. It is not about the evidence those mercenaries turn up, the anomalies they seize upon to try and set aside the whole general theory of climate change.

No, it is about the elephant in the room — unfortunately, the Republican elephant who has made Dumbo of many of his handlers and followers.

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. . . turns on its master.

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Leonard Pitts, Jr., comments on the right’s campaign to bowdlerize American history, leaving out the bits they don’t like (which, not surprisingly, are the bits that give the lie to their propaganda). A nugget:

Censoring history is an act of cowardice. The Colorado demonstrations suggest that some of us, at least, are still brave enough for the truth.

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The Republican gut-out-the-vote effort continues:

According to the N.C. Board of Elections, Americans for Prosperity, a national conservative group, has created quite a headache by sending out incorrect voter registration information, including what was dubbed an “official” voter registration form. But the form was fraught with errors and conflicting information, including the deadline to register, whom to send voter registration information to, and who answers queries about voter information.


The State Board of Elections says it has received hundreds of complaints from people receiving the forms. “It’s caused a lot of confusion,” said Joshua Lawson, a public information officer for the board. He noted that the board of elections works with political groups to prevent just this kind of misinformation, but Americans for Prosperity didn’t contact the board about the mailings.

Such misinformation about voter registration can be a felony if intentionally misleading and proven to suppress voters. We hope that’s not the case here. Some observers think it was just a mistake – though an egregious one.

It’s simple. Republicans know that, if people vote, they will lose. (Americans for Prosperity, by the way, is fueled by Koch.)


Jonathan Chait explains how Paul Ryan’s budget math does not compute.

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In Wingnut World, voting is not a right. It’s a tactic.

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Texas edition.

Greg Abbott's get out the vote message for the elderly, students, minorities, and the poor:  Abbot stands at ballot boxes, points to door, and yells,

Same everywhere else, folks. Republicans know that, if the people turn out to vote, Republicans lose.

Via Job’s Anger.

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Cartoon:  Number of Texas voters without photo ID :  More than 600,000.  Number of alledged instances of voter fraud in Texas in the last two general elections:  4.  Caption:  What's wrong with this picture?

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Learn more here.

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Facing South crunches the numbers. Here’s a snippet; follow the link for more fun with figures:


The Republican Party just can’t let go.

Chauncey Devega is blunt (follow the link for the entire piece):

In the Age of Obama, conservatism, racism, and white supremacy are all coupled together like man-beasts at a bestiality and zoophilia themed orgy.

First daughter said last night that, if President Obama and the Democrats are indeed waging a war on white folks, “it must be very covert.”

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After the fifth investigation has deemed that the Republican fuss over Benghazi was all smoke and mirrors, Republicans are launching yet another investigation so as to stir up their base. This one will be led by one Tray Gowdy (R–Cloud Cuckoo Land).

Dick Polman’s comments are worth a read; here’s a nugget:

This, however, was the best line in Gowdy’s opening salvo: “These outstanding questions, and others, are legitimate, and seeking the answer to these questions should be an apolitical process.” Is he serious? An apolitical process? He’s just a carnival barker tasked by House Republicans to coax the tinfoilers into the party tent, to gin them up en masse for the midterm elections.

For those folks, the empirical findings in the House Intelligence Committee report (which has to be declassified by the intelligence community) won’t matter a whit. There is a “paranoid style in American politics,” as the esteemed historian Richard Hofstadter famously wrote, characterized by “heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy,” and any congressional panel that fails to feed the mindset must surely be part of the conspiracy

Jim Wright also reviews the events at Stonekettle Station. Here’s a bit:

For two years conservatives have been demanding “the truth.”

And they’ve got it.

By their own hand, from their own people.

And suddenly, the party of personal accountability is strangely quiet on Benghazi.

But then it really wasn’t the truth they were after, was it?

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