Boy to Danae:  Let me get this straight.  You want me to cherry-pick science to use as evidence that the stuff you just made up is factual?  Danae:  Yes, please.  Boy:  Well, the science community has a word for that kind of practice, Danae.  Danae:  Mainstream?  Boy:  I was going to say intellectual dishonesty, but that works too.

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Dick Polman calls out the hypocrisy of Republicans who are against the evul Fed’rul guvmint except when they aren’t, that is, when they want its (that is, our) money.

The letter, signed by three Louisiana Republican lawmakers, is addressed to “The Honorable Barack Obama.” You gotta laugh. Now that they need umpteen billions in federal aid to cope with a major climate disaster, now that they’re pleading with hats in hand, all of a sudden Obama is “Honorable.”

This is an old behavioral pattern, freshened anew by the latest infusion of hypocrisy. It’s always amazing how Republicans’ ideological hatred of “big government,” their abstract nanny-state boilerplate, gets trashed in a flash when real life floods in.

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At The Bangor Daily News, Marena Blanchard chronicles a day in the life of Trumpery. A snippet:

“Vote Trump! Make America great again!”

Tanya Lima, 25, of Portland, looked up from her lemonade and into the faces of three white men aggressively yelling at her as they walked by.

“White lives matter!”

Lima had been relaxing at a Portland coffee shop on a recent Wednesday morning before work. Now, confusion and anger built in her body. She watched, almost from a distance, as everyone else continued their day. No one around her offered support. They even avoided eye contact.

Donald Trump has accomplished one thing: He’s given his supporters confidence to wear their, their white sheets (or their black uniforms, if they prefer) in public. For example.


Rule One: When preparing nefarious plans and devious plots, don’t write stuff down.


The Republican Heritage
So, you want to be a CONSERVATIVE?
1)  When Conservatives had a choice between tax breaks for the richest 1% of Americans or the middle class, they chose the super rich.
2)  When Conservatives had a choice between tax breaks for the super rich and body armor for American troops dying in Iraq, they chose tax breaks.
3)  when Conservatives had a choice between tax breaks for the super rich or funding the National Institutes for Health, they chose tax breaks.
4)  Every time working people have asked for a raise in the minimum wage, Conservatives have opposed it, saying wealthy businesses can't afford it--even as they gave giant bonuses to Wall Street CEOs.4
5)  When scientists found research on step cells could help people with Alzhiemer's or quadriplegia overcome their illnesses, Conservatives killed it, saying God was against it.
6)  When Congress proposed a national holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Conservatives opposed it, calling King a Communist on the floor of the Senate.
7)  When WWI veterans who had lost limbs adked for wheelchair accessible sidewalks and buildings, Conservatives opposed it, saying it was too expensive.
8)  When Franklin Roosevelt tried to create a safety net for senior citizens, Conservative opposed it, saying it was too expensive, and have been trying to dismantle it ever since.
9)  When Bill Clinton proposed a law that would allow new mothers to take three months of unpaid leave from a job, Conservatives opposed it.
10)  When Conservatives found half the people going bankrupt every year were doing so after a catastrophic illness that wiped out their life savings, Conservatives changed the law to it impossible for them to file for bankruptcy.
11)  When oil company profits skyrocketed beyond previous heights, Conservatives passed a multimillion dollar taxpayer giveaway for all companies to keep up the good work.

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First woman:  Explain to me again how

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Donald Trump looks at row of newspaper boxes in which every newspaper accurately quotes something he said.  Trump says,

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Republican breaks new ground in weasel words.

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Title:  Coal-Aid.  Image:  Kool-Aid pitcher carrying cup of water polluted by coal ash saying,

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Image of John Wilkes Booth saying,

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Title:  Where Do Zika Babies Come from?  Image:  Stork labeled

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From Drumpf, the Musical, a work in progress.

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Dave Helling notes that sauce for the Democratic goose is not sauce for the Republican gander:

Republicans used to make great fun of President Barack Obama for using a teleprompter, . . . .


Gosh, I wonder if they’re rethinking those words.

That’s because Republicans of all stripes are now begging presumptive nominee Donald Trump to use a teleprompter when he speaks. Teleprompter Trump is good Trump, they say.

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Words fail me.