David Farmer details (yet another) Republican effort to gut out the vote, this time in Lewiston, Maine.

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. . . is the ultimate unfairness in wingnut world.

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Not really.

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Paul Ryan says,

Via Juanita Jean.

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Shorter Rand Paul:

History is what I say.

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In the Gainesville Sun, Carl Ramey savages Republicans who believe in the Constitution of the United States except when they don’t:

Today, the notion that we have a Constitution for governing and passing laws, and an independent judiciary to rule on contested issues, is anathema to an increasingly vocal and renegade element of the Republican Party.


What’s especially revealing is that those who fetishize over strict interpretation of the constitution can so quickly make exceptions, when it serves their purpose. For example, some GOP candidates are now claiming that the 14th Amendment doesn’t guarantee birthright citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants — despite this constitutional mandate: “all persons born …i n the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the State wherein they reside.”

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Emily Mills points out his hypocrisy.

What really caught my eye was Ryan’s declaration that, if elected, he still would be spending weekends at home with his family in Janesville.

Sticking to his tradition may well mean Ryan ends up forgoing some of the duties traditionally associated with the job, like traveling the country to raise money for his party. Honestly, Ryan’s demands are entirely reasonable and could do much to bring more visibility to the challenge faced by many parents across the country — that of juggling jobs and family.

Thing is, in so demanding deference to his work-life balance, Ryan also is revealing himself to be a hypocrite of the first degree. The congressman has authored several policy and budget proposals that would directly and negatively impact working parents, especially those in lower income brackets.

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Twits who get schooled.


Wherever did that notion originate?

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First pane:  Commentator:  Free public college!  Medicare for fall!  Family leave!  These Democrats are giving away freebies.  Second pane:  One percenter carrying big bag of tax cuts.  Reporter asks,

Via Job’s Anger.


A local Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates has proposed an Indiegogo campaign to build roads.

It would be simpler if he and his fellow Republican legislators faced up to their responsibility to maintain the Commonwealth, but that’s not going to happen, now, is it?


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Dick Polman:

Here’s my new definition of a liberal: A conservative whose state has been devastated by a climate disaster.

Follow the link for stories of wingnuts and teabaggers lining up with their palms out for money from the evul fedrul guvmint.

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There is a simple solution for situations such as this one, but you will not see it advanced in Washington, where the Republican Party underfunds government agencies (other than the military) so Republicans can then complain that government agencies (other than the military*) don’t work.

Dozens of West Coast military veterans incorrectly received letters indicating they’d lose unemployment benefits after an overworked Department of Veterans Affairs office in Seattle lost track of records the veterans had submitted, according to a VA Inspector General report released this week.

Fund the damned agencies adequately.

Reported in front of Captol Building:  A government shutdown has been averted.  Now the government can continue to operate . . . like it's shut down.

Click for a larger image.


*The military’s performance in accomplishing goals set for it is its own topic.

(Afterthought: The issue there, though, is not so much the military itself as it is policies that place a mystickal magickal macho man faith in the efficacy of building things by blowing them up.)

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Ron Littlepage has the play-by-play:

During a closed-door meeting with North Florida Republicans last month, (Florida state Rep. Janet–ed.) Adkins said, “Are there any reporters in here? Any reporters? OK, so inside baseball.”

She then threw a high, hard inside pitch, explaining how redesigning U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown’s congressional district on an east-west alignment instead of its current north-south serpentine shape would help end the Democrat’s long career.

Because that alignment would include a lot of prisons, and the African-American inmates housed there would not be able to vote even though they would be counted as residents for creating a minority access district.

Now that, if not voter fraud, is fraud with voters.

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Leonard Pitts, Jr., decodes de code.