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Fox News decides that it now wants itself a piece of Czar.

Fox’s best friend is their listeners’ short attention span. And, of course, the racism.

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Via C&L.

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John Romano questions the rationale the Florida Attorney-General’s rationale tenaciously defending Florida’s ban on gay marriage. His brief contains several points; here’s a bit on one of them. I selected this bit to except because it is typical of the behavior of culture warriors–they turn blind eyes to what those on their side do.

The final issue has to do with the Attorney General’s vigorous and vacuous arguments against gay marriage. Bondi has repeatedly stated that hers is not a personal crusade but rather her responsibility as the state’s top law enforcement official.

This argument would carry much greater weight if the Attorney General did not pick and choose which laws and constitutional amendments to aggressively enforce.

Republican Family Values are not “values.” They are tactics. Votes are the value.

If Republicans don’t think they can turn “values” into votes, they aren’t interested in “values.”

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A victory for sanity. We shall see whether it holds.

In a decision with potential implications for Virginia’s congressional delegation, a three-judge panel ruled Tuesday that the lines of the state’s 3rd Congressional District were drawn in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The panel allowed next month’s election to proceed under the existing district lines, but ordered the General Assembly to redraw them by April 1, in time for the next congressional election in 2016.

There’s a map of the district at the link. It has four or five non-contiguous parts, depending on whether you think being separated by a significant river means “non-contiguous.” One of my friends from TWUUG is in the district; he finds its existence thoroughly irritating.

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The same folks who claim to eschew Big Government and who believe that there is no such thing as the public good now demand that Big Government protect them from ebola and ISIS for the public good.


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Cartoon parodying Congressman Steve Stockman's ignorant statements about climate change.

Click for a larger image.

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Jim Wright reminisces about the Republican Contract on America. A snippet:

. . . then they made a big show of signing the Contract with America in front of the TV cameras, with John Boehner front and center – and why not? He was one of the guys who wrote it. Newt Gingrich usually gets credit, but back then John Boehner was the young Paul Ryan Whiz Kid who was going to change things, man, change America. If you wonder what Ryan will look like in 20 years, well, there you go – maybe a little less orange, but Boehner is Ryan all grown up, old and leathery and cynical.

As contracts go, it was pretty straight forward. Republicans pledged on their solemn honor to reduce the size of government and make the tiny remainder accountable to the people. Boy it sure sounded good, that Contract with America. Republicans were going to clean up corruption in Congress, reform tort law, and reduce the welfare rolls.

But it was a trick. For you see, they had no honor – solemn or otherwise.

Do read the rest.

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Businessman holding bag of money:  It's not cheap. First I have to dig a deep hole, then convince hime (picture of GOP elephant burying his head in the sand under sun labeled

Via Job’s Anger.

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There ain’t nothin’ like ‘em.


Republican screaming in panic about equal pay legislation.  Woman says,

Via Job’s Anger.

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Michael Abraham considers the divergent fates of the recent golden boys of Virginia’s Republican Party: Eric Cantor and the Regent:

And so it goes. McDonnell goes to jail, transported in a publicly funded prisoner vehicle, while Cantor goes laughing all the way to the bank, transported around in corporate jets. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not implying nor has anyone suggested that Cantor broke any laws. Clearly though, both men are morally bankrupt and hopelessly corrupt. “Both sides do it,” the pundits shout, with some justification, as greed and corruption know no party lines. However, McDonnell’s and Cantor’s behaviors seem wholly representative of today’s Republican Party.

Do read the rest.


Mark Sanford facebooks his Republican Family Values (follow the link for even more Republican Family Values):

The ex–South Carolina governor and current congressman, Appalachian Trail hiker, and perpetual seeker has written a 2,375-word Facebook post about his latest legal battle with ex-wife Jenny Sanford. Its tone, if not its exact content, will be familiar to anyone who has ever heard a middle-aged man self-righteously complain about what a mean, nasty lady his former spouse is, so feel totally free to ignore it on this beautiful Friday afternoon. Really, the only interesting thing in Sanford’s status update is the news that he has broken off his engagement with María Belén Chapur, the Argentine “soul mate” for whom he (in)famously left Jenny and the governorship of South Carolina in 2009.

No self-awareness, no self-awareness whatsoever.

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Dr. Mark Thomas explains how the Republican Party is turning Sarah Palin’s fever dream of death panels into reality. It’s a long post; here’s a bit.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Republicans took that term and created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Preventing the expansion of Medicaid in a number of states is producing the same result as the death panels. The Republicans have decided that some people don’t deserve affordable health insurance. And some of them will die because of the Republicans’ attitude.

They would have also produced death panels if any of their attempts to repeal the ACA had worked. Millions who had finally been able to get insured would have lost their coverage. And for many, that quite literally means death.

The GOP has also instituted death panels when they legislate the closure of abortion clinics.

Or add needless requirements (ultrasounds, counseling) onto pregnant women seeking an abortion.

Well, the Republicans have done it again, possibly on a much grander scale this time, with Ebola.

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Every once in a while, the mask slips off.

A Republican state senator in Georgia has vowed to end Sunday balloting in DeKalb County due to the fact that the area is “dominated by African American shoppers and it is near several large African American mega churches.”

Details at the link.

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Image of Presidents golfing.  Furor about Obama daring to golf while black.


I doubt that FDR golfed while Presidenting.

Via Kos.

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Chris Hayes tries to make sense of Republicans’ inability to recognize “treading” when they see it.

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Listen to the conservatives try to explain away racism and its effects.

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Now comes the Regent, another “Family Values Republican” whose self-vaunted “family values” are revealed as a sounding brass, a tinkling cymbal, signifying nothing.

Today the Regent says, “I don’t blame my wife,” even as he blames his wife.

Remember, in Republican World, “Family Values” are not values.

They are tactics.