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Get out of Jail free card

Play college football. Doing so gives you magical powers to prevent prosecution.


It’s not that I think they should necessarily be prosecuted, but it’s Louisiana, folks. What do you think would be happening to them if they were just two random black kids from down the street?

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The small city of Buena Vista, out on the other side of the state, thought a new shiny municipal golf course would solve all its problems. It didn’t, so the city took a drop.

But the golf course struggled financially, and the recession made things worse for the city. Under a deal worked out in 2011, the city was allowed to make half payments for the next five years, with the unpaid balance to be added to the end of the bonds’ lifespan.

Then, in December 2014, the city council voted to stop making payments, which left ACA (ACA Financial Guaranty Corp–ed.) holding the bag.

Try just stop paying your taxes. By the by, ACA is suing.


I have a suspicion that, until the editor got hold of it, the last sentence of the excerpt above included the word “golf” before the word “bag.” If it didn’t, it should have.

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In an effort to curb the incendiary desires that might arise while ushering in a fourth Stanley Cup title, the City of Pittsburgh has opted to seize residents’ porch furniture.


Starting on Wednesday, city crews began taking couches, mattresses and other furniture from residents’ porches in hopes of removing “fuel” for post-game fires.

In the story, cited at Above the Law, the author points out that, among other things, this would seem to be an unlawful taking in violation of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United Sates.

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Rat:  Did you know the highest paid state employee in 39 states is a football or basketball coach?  Goat:  And what kind of message does that send?  Rat:  That baseball coaches are getting screwed.  Goat:  I mean, what are we teaching our kids?  Rat:  Not to be a baseball coach?

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The AP’s Paul Newberry calls out the NFL for its strategy of dangling Super Bowls in front of cities to get free stadiums. (Cities seem to be easy marks for the NFL’s con game.) A snippet:

“We found no evidence that local income or local employment were any higher in years when a city hosted a Super Bowl than other years,” he (Brad Humphries, WVU econ professor–ed.) said. “If it was generating the sort of economic impact that people say, I think we would’ve been able to find it.”

Nothing much has changed since then, but cities keep playing the game.

Where’s the ref to throw the flag on illegal use of hand-outs?

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Bob Molinaro spots a sporting twit:

Bottom line: After UCLA signed a $280 million shoe and apparel deal with Under Armour – the biggest for a college program – Bruins quarterback Josh Rosen put up an Instagram that read, “We’re still amateurs though. Gotta love non-profits.” The post was taken down, but the sentiment resonates.

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Via C&L.

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Winning is the only thing.

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In for a Schilling, in for a pound.

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Public universities in Tennessee spent $50.7 million on coaches’ salaries in 2015 with the University of Tennessee and the University of Memphis leading the way, according to data compiled through a USA TODAY national investigation.

The University of Tennessee athletic department, with an operating budget of $126.6 million, spent $18.2 million on salaries, or 14.3 percent of its budget. The University of Memphis athletic department, with an operating budget of $43.4 million, spent $11.2 million on salaries, or 25.8 percent of its budget.

Yesterday, my local rag carried an interview with ESPN commentator Jay Bilas. When asked about “amateurism,” Bilas had this to say (follow the link for the full interview):

Amateurism is a phony construct, where the elites did not want to compete against the common man, and that’s all it is in NCAA sports. It came into play when the Ivy League handlebar-mustached men didn’t want to compete against the unwashed masses. That’s all it was. That’s all it is right now.

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The truth shirts.

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Bob Molinaro, sportswriter extraordinaire:

Heads up: Intentionally or not, it was advantageous for the NFL when Jeff Miller, the league’s vice president of health and safety, acknowledged the link between football and CTE. Once the dangers are officially confirmed by the sport, players are on their own determining whether they want to accept the risks, perhaps lessening liability for the league.

. . . as if high school kids ever pay attention to warning labels.

Want to know what it feels like to drive 100 miles an hour on a curvy country road late at night? I know an ex-high school kid who can tell you.

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MarketWatch marvels at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s $34.1 million compensation in 2014 (the most recent information available) and wonders whether the NFL is getting their money’s worth*:

Both Goodell’s 2014 salary and his career total have been more than the NFL and its owners have been willing to spend on their own stadiums until just recently. . . .

In fact, of the 21 stadiums built throughout the league since 1997, team owners and the NFL itself have dedicated more than $180.5 million to just nine of them. Even among those stadiums, only five had the majority of their costs covered by the league and owners’ outlays.

At points in 2014, it was questionable which was the better investment: an inanimate object that works for the NFL less than 14 days out of the year or Roger Goodell.


*I say that the short answer is “No.” The long answer is “Hell, no.” Follow the link for MarketWatch’s opinion.

Indeed, I doubt any one, even the most magickal mythical mystical CEO, contributes worth to an enterprise that deserves compensation at an hourly rate of $16,000+.

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Grimmy walks out the door with a lounge chair and beach umbrella.  Mother Goose says,