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In for a Schilling, in for a pound.

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Public universities in Tennessee spent $50.7 million on coaches’ salaries in 2015 with the University of Tennessee and the University of Memphis leading the way, according to data compiled through a USA TODAY national investigation.

The University of Tennessee athletic department, with an operating budget of $126.6 million, spent $18.2 million on salaries, or 14.3 percent of its budget. The University of Memphis athletic department, with an operating budget of $43.4 million, spent $11.2 million on salaries, or 25.8 percent of its budget.

Yesterday, my local rag carried an interview with ESPN commentator Jay Bilas. When asked about “amateurism,” Bilas had this to say (follow the link for the full interview):

Amateurism is a phony construct, where the elites did not want to compete against the common man, and that’s all it is in NCAA sports. It came into play when the Ivy League handlebar-mustached men didn’t want to compete against the unwashed masses. That’s all it was. That’s all it is right now.

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The truth shirts.

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Bob Molinaro, sportswriter extraordinaire:

Heads up: Intentionally or not, it was advantageous for the NFL when Jeff Miller, the league’s vice president of health and safety, acknowledged the link between football and CTE. Once the dangers are officially confirmed by the sport, players are on their own determining whether they want to accept the risks, perhaps lessening liability for the league.

. . . as if high school kids ever pay attention to warning labels.

Want to know what it feels like to drive 100 miles an hour on a curvy country road late at night? I know an ex-high school kid who can tell you.

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MarketWatch marvels at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s $34.1 million compensation in 2014 (the most recent information available) and wonders whether the NFL is getting their money’s worth*:

Both Goodell’s 2014 salary and his career total have been more than the NFL and its owners have been willing to spend on their own stadiums until just recently. . . .

In fact, of the 21 stadiums built throughout the league since 1997, team owners and the NFL itself have dedicated more than $180.5 million to just nine of them. Even among those stadiums, only five had the majority of their costs covered by the league and owners’ outlays.

At points in 2014, it was questionable which was the better investment: an inanimate object that works for the NFL less than 14 days out of the year or Roger Goodell.


*I say that the short answer is “No.” The long answer is “Hell, no.” Follow the link for MarketWatch’s opinion.

Indeed, I doubt any one, even the most magickal mythical mystical CEO, contributes worth to an enterprise that deserves compensation at an hourly rate of $16,000+.

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Grimmy walks out the door with a lounge chair and beach umbrella.  Mother Goose says,

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I understand that there was a sporting contest yesterday. I had no interest in it.

Nevertheless, there is hope.

Image title:  Man carrying saying

Click for a larger image.

Pitchers and catchers report next week.

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Via MarketWatch.

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Image of the statue,

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I find it gratifying that the New England eleven were unable to devise a method of cheating their way into to this year’s Big Game.

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Twits in their Chips.

Twitter does seem to rally the ranks of stupid, does it not?

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NFL and Cali to kids’ soccer:

Go play in the street.


Bob Molinaro captures in one sentence the absurdity that is now big-time college football:

Now that the bowl-apalooza had to open to 5-7 teams to fill out the 40 postseason games, discerning fans must be wondering if the NCAA is in the business of handing out the equivalence of participation trophies, maybe with a few orange slices.

More »

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Image of Martin Luther King saying,

Via Job’s Anger.

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Daniel Ruth notes that two Florida legislators want to pass a law declaring that playing “Fantasy Football” for money is somehow not gambling. Not Coincidentally . . . .

And now we know the going rate for Rep. Matt Gaetz-R, Shocked, Shocked, and Sen. Joe Negron, R-Three Card Monte, is $10,000 each. That’s the amount of the legalized bribes the political committees operated by these two Florida Legislature pit bosses collected from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

And what did the association get for their $20,000 ante? Under bills sponsored by Gaetz and Negron, the fantasy sports sites would be formally regarded as games of skill and not gambling. That would counter a 1991 legal opinion — and a rather accurate opinion at that — written by Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth that prohibited the fantasy leagues from collecting money and disbursing winnings.

Read the rest.

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Horrible people.

Makayla Fallaw loves tumbling and cheering. She also loves her naturally thick, curly hair. But the 11-year-old was told to leave her cheerleading team when her mother said she couldn’t straighten Makayla’s hair to match the rest of the girls for a competition.


Most of the girls on the ages 8 to 16 team are white, with naturally straight hair, and Makayla is Hispanic and biracial. In the conversations about styling, Kevin Tonner, the program’s all-star cheer director, told Fallaw, “I know other mixed kids and you can put relaxer in her hair,” Fallaw recalled.

Relaxer isn’t the right tool for Makayla’s hair, and Fallaw didn’t want to damage it with heavy heat or chemicals.

Read up on what’s in hair relaxers. Maybe Mr. Tonner should try drinking some to straighten himself out some himself before recommending them so casually.


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Pig:  What are you doing, Rat?  Rat:   Writing a novel, but it's too hard to be orginal.  Pig:  So what are you going to do?  Rat:  Find a job where someone will pay me to utter nothing but trite aphorims and glib cliches.  Goat:  And who's going to pay you  to do that?   Last Frame:  Rat holding microphone interviewing basketball player:  So, was it a total team effort or did you give 110%

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Get the full story at The Charlotte Observer.