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Pretty soon, you won’t be able to own anything. Everything will be licensed. From the EFF:

John Deere is at it again, trying to strip customers of the right to open up and repair their own property. In the new License Agreement for John Deere Embedded Software [PDF], customers are forbidden to exercise their repair rights or to even look at the software running the tractor or the signals it generates.

The document purports to govern “any Software, data files, documentation, engine calibration tables, proprietary data messages, and controller area network (CAN) data messages that are in or communicated to or from any” covered product. Many of these items are numerical values that do not contain any copyrightable expression. The document forbids you to, among other things, “modify,” “reverse engineer,” or “reproduce” the covered information. These are necessary steps to understanding, repairing, and improving upon your equipment.

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Farron rips on President Obama for not doing anything about fracking. He may have a point, but given the Congress of the last six years, it’s a very small one.

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Wedding of AT&T Groom and Time Warner Bride.  Preacher asks,

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It’s a thing.


In the rush to market shiny new computerized things, marketing trumps computer security every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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Wicked Witch holding glass of water to Snow White:  I left the apple business.  Governor McCrory put me in charge of the state's water quality.

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This is, natch, in no way related to N. C. Governor Perry’s having been employed by the Duke of Hazardous for three decades. Such a connection would be highly improp–oh, never mind.

North Carolina’s top public health official acted unethically and possibly illegally by telling residents living near Duke Energy coal ash pits that their well water is safe to drink when it’s contaminated with a chemical known to cause cancer, a state toxicologist said in sworn testimony.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of the 220-page deposition given last month by toxicologist Ken Rudo as part of a lawsuit filed against Duke by a coalition of environmental groups. The nation’s largest electricity company has asked a federal judge to seal the record, claiming its public disclosure would potentially prejudice jurors.

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Buccaneer Petroleum, the Legacy: Public health makes a corexit, stage right.

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In the Bangor Daily News, Philip Duffy reports that some Congresspersons want to take jurisdiction over the laws of chemistry, likely at the behest of the lumber industry (emphasis added):

Seven senators, including Angus King and Susan Collins, sponsored the amendment. In response, more than 60 scientists and three professional societies signed onto a letter, pointing out a serious factual error in the proposed legislation. The irony is that all seven backers of the amendment accept the reality of climate change.

The amendment would mandate that all federal agencies treat the burning of wood from forests as a “renewable energy resource” that is “carbon neutral,” meaning it does not add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Reality is more complex, but forest bioenergy certainly is not carbon neutral. The carbon footprint of bioenergy should be measured scientifically on a case-by-case basis rather than broadly specified by legislation.

Follow the link to see Duffy delve into the lamer rationale for this endeavor.

I don’t quite know what’s worse about this: the stupid or the craven.

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Follow this link and read the story, then look below the fold to see what I think is the most outrageous statement in it.

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You know that craft brewery? There’s a good chance it’s not. Fred Grimm describes how he got gulled.

I was a beer-drinking revolutionary, defying the mighty corporate machine by sucking down all those damn Blue Moons.

What I didn’t notice, as I stormed the ramparts – supposed microbrew in hand – was that the Blue Moon Brewing Co. actually belongs to MillerCoors, which was sold to Molson Coors by SABMiller last year so the Justice Department would look kindly on SABMiller’s giant merger with Anheuser-Busch InBev. And all that.

. . . I’ve been an unwitting consumer of America’s leading anti-craft beer, taken in by an international conglomerate’s ploy to fend off these upstart microbreweries.

I reckon the message is that, if you want to be a been snob, know what you are being snobbish about. Me, I’ll stick to Scotch.