You can’t make this stuff up.

This, by the by, is nothing new.

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The best-laid plans of mice and militants gang aft agley.

Ammon Bundy led the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge intending to force a civil court to take up the constitutionality of federal land management policy, his lawyers contend in new court papers filed Monday.

He had expected the government to issue an eviction or ejection claim instead of arresting and indicting the occupiers on federal charges in criminal court.

The oddest bit in the story is this (emphasis added):

His (Ammon Bundy’s–ed.) lawyers assert that Bundy isn’t a member of any militia, isn’t an extremist and doesn’t hold anti-government views — underlining each contention in bold type in their 33-page motion and memorandum filled with lengthy footnotes. (The story goes on to recite wingnut babble about “Fed-rul overreach.”)

I can’t speak to the bit about “militia” (I suspect this boils down to “not having a membership card”), but, as regards the other two contentions, I fear actions doth drowneth out words.

The sky-is-purple level chutzpah, though, merits admiration.


I am nonplussed at the ability of wingnuts to convince themselves that carrying miniature copies of the Constitution of the United States of America in their shirt pockets, to be whipped out and misinterpreted at the slightest provocation, magickally mystickally morphs sedition into patriotism.

There’s no delusion like self-delusion.

It’s the best delusion there is.

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Now that Ted Cruz is off the island, I reckon that the Republican Party is now officially the reality show party, which prompts the question, is the Republican Party most akin to Survivor or Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo?

I’m voting for Honey Boo-Boo.

Will Bunch tries to figure it out. Here’s a bit from his post (follow the link for the rest):

Tomorrow’s newspapers will be chock full of analyses about how Trump nailed down the Republican nomination in Indiana, but that’s not even the real import of the astonishing thing that has just happened. The Republican Party, in its desperation to “unify” and salvage something, anything, for the November election, not just nominated but “normalized” a would-be president whose casual embrace of goon violence at his overheated rallies, whose toxic spew of insults or hate policies towards women, immigrants, or Muslims never seems to stop, and whose embrace of harmful conspiracy theories from vaccines to President Obama’s birth certificate has already made a mockery of America around the world. What Indiana really did is put a seal of approval on a scary, not-good, horrible chapter in our politics and our history.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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A. Men are pigs.

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Yes, Virginia, there is a new Spam Museum.

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From today’s local rag:

Scan of wedding announcement stating that someone "severed as best man.:"

More »

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One more time, is there a special stupid test you have to pass to be a school administrator?


Honor Roll for second graders? Really?

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Free admission? Really?

Like they’re going to turn away customers?

Full Disclosure:

This is an excellent local merchant whom we patronize when it’s time for spring and fall planting. Nevertheless, I just couldn’t let the adspeak slip by.

Flyer for garden center advertising free admission to a "show" which is really a sale.

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We have a polity assemblage that believes in magic demands the government provide services while simultaneously refusing to pay for them.

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You can’t make this stuff up.

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The question of the year: Why does David Brooks still have a job?

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Dear Karl Rove,

With any luck, my grandchildren will still be alive.

Yours truly,


P. S.: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

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Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

I am ashamed of my country and of its having a major political party that panders to, stokes, and relies on bigotry.

I shall stop now, because all I have left is profanity.

Addendum, the Next Morning:

Crank Bear has the profanity so I don’t have to.


You can’t make this stuff up.

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Green-eyed frolics.

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Legal twits.


A local Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates has proposed an Indiegogo campaign to build roads.

It would be simpler if he and his fellow Republican legislators faced up to their responsibility to maintain the Commonwealth, but that’s not going to happen, now, is it?


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Now they need recess consultants, apparently because third graders’ unstructured play is a bad thing.

One more time, is there some sort of intelligence test persons must fail so as to become school administrators?

(Remember what a consultant is: Anyone more than 50 miles from home toting a laptop bag.)

Via Thoreau.

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Stuff, Bro.

No human decency. None whatsoever.


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The scammers have a new target.

Conversation is building in Washington on this question: Would the FAA be better able to handle its regulatory duties if the day-to-day operations of air traffic control were privatized?

The FAA, in a burst of sanity, is against the idea. Those who favor are it, natch, the folks who believe that there is no such thing as the public good.

Details of the con at the link.