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Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” Comes Full Circle 0

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Nixon’s Southern Strategy Comes to Fruition 0

Moon bearing the Stars and Bars eclipses sun bearing U. S. Presidential Seal.

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Republican “Southern Strategy” 0

Republican Elephant balanced on top of the poiint of a Klansmant hood saying,

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“Southern Strategy on Steroids” 0

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Southern Strategy 0

Redneck sitting in front of shack adorned with Conferate flags.  Woman asks,

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Nixon’s Legacy: The Triumph of the Southern Strategy 0

Picture of Klansman carrying bullwhip in front of Capitol.  Voice from the House side says,

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The Southern Strategy and Republican Paradise 0


Southern Strategy Redux 2

The Republican Party just can’t let go.

Chauncey Devega is blunt (follow the link for the entire piece):

In the Age of Obama, conservatism, racism, and white supremacy are all coupled together like man-beasts at a bestiality and zoophilia themed orgy.

First daughter said last night that, if President Obama and the Democrats are indeed waging a war on white folks, “it must be very covert.”


Tracing the Southern Strategy 0

The Republican Party’s reaction to Nelson Mandela career and death tracks right along with the path of Nixon’s odious Southern Strategy in transforming the Republican Party into the Party of the New Secesh:


Southern Strategy 0

Statue of Lincoln, encased in a cage with "Secede" graffitied on the base.  Caption:  "Good job, Bubba!"

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Realignment, Southern Strategy Style 2

The BooMan sums up the realignment of the Republican Party. The assessment is harsh. It is also accurate.

It is Nixon’s odious Southern strategy come to fruition.

Pretty much every intolerant asshole in the country has moved to the Republican Party, if they weren’t already there. The only exceptions are a few holier-than-thou progressives who can’t enjoy one moment of life if even one person is going hungry.

With that lone exception, all the prudes and bigots and tsk-tskers and money-grubbers and polluters and religious freaks and misogynists and fraudsters and warmongers have aligned with the conservative movement.

Yankee Republicanism is dead. All we have is the reactionary right aligned with a bunch a greedheads. You won’t find an inch of daylight between Pat Robertson and Mitt Romney or Mitt Romney and Paul Wolfowitz or Grover Norquist and Mitt Romney. We have the worst of all worlds.

I would not have said “aligned with the conservative movement.”

In these modern times, “prudes and bigots and tsk-tskers and money-grubbers and polluters and religious freaks and misogynists and fraudsters and warmongers” are the conservative movement.

The Southern strategy has consumed its creators.


The Odious Southern Strategy Rides Again Still 0

Chanceydevega marshals the evidence.

I’ve said in these pages many times, “I’m a Southern Boy, I know the code.”

And I do.

But seeing this stuff pulled together in a succinct list brings even me to pause.

Here’s a nugget. Click to read the rest:

While folks . . . should in fact be focused on the Republican Party’s masterful use of a politics of white racial resentment, nativism, and disdain for the Other. Context matters. Consider the circus that is the Republican Party’s presidential primary field for the election year 2012, and the policies they have endorsed.

      1. Electric fences and moats to kill illegal immigrants;
      2. Suggesting that black people are lazy, and their children should serve as janitors in order to develop a work ethic;
      3. Wallowed in the filth of Birtherism, and indulged in rank, open bigotry against the country’s first black President;
      4. Suggested that Muslim Americans should be profiled (perhaps they should carry special cards? or wear a mark on their clothing?) because of their religion and a propensity to commit “terrorism”;
      5. Include a candidate who leisured at a family retreat named “Niggerhead” and grew up in sundown town*;
      6. Are beholded (sic) to the Tea Party, a faction and AstroTurf group which can trace its origins back to the white supremacist, white nationalist, John Birch Society (the former is also a group whose racist tendencies have been well-documented).


*For those who do not know the term, “Sundown town” defined.


The Southern Strategy Redux 0

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Also, see this.

Maddow via Raw Story.


Southern Strategy 0

Josh Marshal on the Republican Party’s losing support among Hispanic voters (and remember that voters are by definition citizens):

The only problem is that the modern Republican party’s panic switch, or at least one of them, is rancid jingoism and more or less open anti-Hispanic (though often specifically targeted at Mexicans) prejudice. Or, to put it more bluntly, as with African-Americans, it’s tough to be the party of the blacks and the racists at the same time. (Not that the Dems didn’t try it for a few decades in the middle of the 20th century — but it didn’t end up panning out.)


In other words, it’s not a mistake or incompetence or any lack of planning that has Republicans in such a bad position with Hispanics, America’s fastest growing ethnic group. It’s just that people who are hostile to Hispanic immigration and just Hispanics in general are one of the GOP’s key constituencies. That puts some real obstacles in the way of becoming the party of Hispanics. To put it mildly …


Southern Strategy Redux (Updated) 0

The Booman. Read the whole thing.


They did it again.


Dum-dum is right.

They just can’t help betraying their maggoty racist innards, now, can they?


The Ugly Underbelly of the Odious “Southern Strategy” 0

Steve catalogs the atrocities.

The Republican Party is culpable for welcoming–nay, inviting–these persons and their attitudes into its ranks.

It sowed the wind. Let it reap the whirlwind.


The Booman Tribune has more.


The Republican Southern Crass 5

At the Guardian, Gary Younge examines the continuing success of the odious Southern strategy. A nugget:

One of the appeals for some whites of voting Republican is a desire to maintain whatever limited racial privileges they have acquired over the years combined with a fear that what little they have will be taken away by feckless non-whites and undocumented migrants. While in Nevada in 2010 I asked a white Republican without health insurance why she wouldn’t support a candidate who might give it to her. “I never really got into that Obamacare insurance stuff,” she said. “My mind is focusing 250% on this illegal immigration.”

None of this means all Republican supporters are racist. But it does suggest they make their appeal on racial grounds . . . .


Southern Horrorscope 2

I was doing some disk maintenance yesterday (that’s computerese for deleting old stuff) and found this. According to the file properties, it’s been lying around on various computers in my place for over six years. I have no idea from whence it came. It has no point, but, then, neither does this post.

And, yes, I have made lunch off an R. C. Cola and Moon Pie. It’s a pretty lousy lunch. I’d rather have a Coke and a Hostess lemon pie (unless I can get a TastyKake. Once you TastyKake, you’ll never want to Hostess again).

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Still Rising Again after All These Years 0


Descent into Demagoguery 0

Thom traces the descent of the Republican Party into advocacy of autocracy.