Plutocrat in cart full of money holding carrot out to dead horse labelled

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Franklin D. Roosevelt:

Those newspapers of the nation which most loudly cried dictatorship against me would have been the first to justify the beginnings of dictatorship by somebody else.

President Obama could say the same thing.


Headline of the day:

Jacksonville police officer who let woman drive patrol car to Hooters was suspended for 10 days


One thing about growing up in the Jim Crow South was this: Racists, along with their sympathizers and apologists, did not have to twist themselves into pretzels to pretend that they weren’t being racist. They just admitted it.


Show politeness on the boulevards.

Houston resident Kay Hafford, 28, was driving to work Friday when a driver cut her off. Hafford honked her horn, and that’s when the driver of a white SUV reportedly pulled up next to her and shot Hafford in the head and drove off.


A 67-year-old Marietta, Georgia man is accused of planting a backpack containing two pipe bombs in an Atlanta-area public park in order to frighten the public and sow fear of Islamic terrorism.

According to Atlanta’s Channel 2 News, conservative “patriot” Michael Sibley confessed to police that he was trying to educate people that terror strikes can happen anywhere and without warning when he planted the bombs last November.

Words fail me.


Jon Stewart explores the internal contradictions of Cruzing.

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You were, as my old boss used to say, “in error.”


Evil is evil and stupid is stupid and ever the twain shall meet.

And then, for the cherry on top of the sundae, there’s


Julia Roberts:

Republican comes in the dictionary just after reptile and just above repugnant.

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The Rude One lets his imagination take flight.


The geeks were biting that day, and the anglers reeled in a big haul. (Details at the link.)

The administrators of a top deep-web marketplace have disappeared with over $12m worth of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it emerged last night, in what appears to have been an “exit scam”.

Bit-coin is little more than three-card monte with added electrons.


Cartoon predicting the next two years:  Lunatics with no hope of becoming president treated as viable candidates, endless discussion of Hillary Clinton email and other microscandals, more misogny than the mind can comprehend, the long slog to the finish line.

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Bob Cesca tears into the big pile of IOKIYAR in Ted Cruz’s backpack. Here’s a sample.

Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1970 to an American mother and a foreign (Cuban) father. Sound familiar? The only difference between the presidency-related birth circumstances of President Obama and Ted Cruz is that Obama was born in the United States and Cruz wasn’t. Of course this doesn’t matter because Obama is black with a funny-sounding “exotic” name and Cruz is a white guy named “Ted,” so it’ll be assumed that Cruz is totally a natural born citizen while Obama isn’t. That seems fair. Legally-speaking, however, Cruz is perfectly eligible to be president based on the citizenship status of his mother. So can Obama, especially given how he was born in Hawaii. But don’t expect a (fake) investigation by Donald Trump or any mass freakouts by a legion of conspiracy theorists over Cruz’s eligibility to be president because, again, he’s a white Republican. Everything’s okay if you’re a white Republican.

Read the rest. It’s a sociological study in Republican hypocrisy.


. . . because the next person ain’t.


“Right to work” laws are not about the right to work. They are about the right to underpay for work. They are a fraud and a scam, dressed up in a three-piece suit.

If the Republican Party could have its way, it would bring back the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, because only regulations can prevent more Triangle Shirtwaist Factories from happening and, in Republican World, regulations are scarey and bad and impinge on the fee hand of the market.

After all, those Triangle Shirtwaist Factory ladies had the right to work. They were at work when they died, weren’t they?*

Martin Luther King, Jr. accurately captured the impact of right-to-work laws in undermining economic justice and genuine democracy back in 1961: “Wherever these laws have been passed, wages are lower, job opportunities are fewer, and there are no civil rights.”

While “right-to-work” advocates among business elites claim to be generously protecting the individual freedom of workers to avoid paying union dues, this display of concern is simply “a fraud,” King declared. “Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining by which unions have improved wages and working conditions of everyone.”

Recent data bear out King’s conclusions. The Congressional Research Service concluded in a December, 2012, report that states like Wisconsin, which permitting (sic) “fair-share” or “union-security” provisions showed sharply higher median wages: $50,867 compared with $43,641 in right-to-work states, a 16.5% differential amounting to $7,226 per year. Workers in “right-to-work” states are much less likely to have healthcare and pension benefits as well.

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*Yeah. I’m in a mood. But it’s a legitimate mood.


The polite always act like gentlemen.

Police in Myrtle Beach have ruled an early morning shooting outside a strip club was an accident.

The Sun News of Myrtle Beach reported Saturday ( ) that 24-year-old Christopher John Clarida was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon after a gun he had discharged about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday outside Derriere’s Gentleman’s Club.

Why the hell would one need a firearm at a strip club? Oh, I forgot. There’s a reason it’s called ammosexuality.


Paul Hornung:

Never get married in the morning – you never know who you might meet that night.


In an article syndicated in the Bangor Daily News, Dana Milbank notes the Republican Party’s novel and creative celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. A snippet:

It was altogether fitting that Republicans rolled out their budget during a festival of inebriation in honor of the man who magically — and apocryphally — banished snakes from Ireland. What Republicans have done with their budget is no less fantastic: They have employed lucky charms and mystical pots of gold to make them appear more sober about balancing the budget than they actually are.

“We do not rely on gimmicks or creative accounting tricks to balance our budget,” the House Republicans say in the introduction to their fiscal 2016 budget.

True, the budget does not rely on gimmicks. The budget is a gimmick.


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