Easy Editor running in FreeBSD VM on Slackware --Current.

Easy Editor running in FreeBSD VM on Slackware –Current.

I have lately been playing with BSD, particularly FreeBSD. (As an aside, the BSD documentation is excellent; the FreeBSD Handbook is one of the best documents of its type that I’ve seen.)

The BSD Handbook suggested that new users use ee (“Easy Editor”), a program I had not heard of before, though the far more powerful and complex vi editor is also included out-of-the-box (in *nix, configuration is generally accomplished through plain text, at least for those distros that have not yet fallen for the seductive blandishments of SystemD).

Just for grins and giggles, I went looking for ee yesterday, and it is surprisingly hard to find. For one thing, search results are flooded with links that promise to provide an “easy editor” for your drag-and-drop (pfui!) web site. As near as I can find, it hasn’t been updated since 2005.

I did find an online copy of the man page and a download page at Softpedia. Its home page, according to Softpedia, is a university in the UK, and said University doesn’t seem to want to talk about it any more.

I downloaded the sources from Softpedia and it did compile and install on SlackwareCurrent. The *.tgz was less than 70kb in size.

A screen shot showing the pop-up menu, which is invoked by ESC, is below the fold.

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Read Chris Busby’s article, then read the linked story in The Bollard.

I have nothing to add.


Politeness is essential to a strong family structure.

According to a news release from Hampton Police, 4-year-old Chris L. Palmer got hold of a loaded gun inside a home on Chamberlin Avenue around 9:30 p.m. and accidentally shot himself. Police say the gun was in a bedroom.

The step-father has been charged with felony child neglect. Follow the link and form your own conclusions about what might just possibly maybe distinguish between “felony child neglect” and “tragic accident.”


Alfred Doblin, who at one time thought favorably of Chris Christie, is now less than enamored.

The governor spoke Tuesday of restoring the American Dream. If he has not done that in New Jersey, how can he convince voters he can do it on a large scale? Running New Jersey is not an easy job, but there is nothing in Christie’s résumé to suggest he will be adept at negotiating with Russia, Iran or even mildly annoying critics. “Sit down and shut up” is not a foreign policy.

Nor is being blunt a sign of leadership; it’s just rudeness. Being a leader means staying until the job is finished, not until you find something better. Most important, public service is not a means to an end; it is the destination.


Man wearing Confederate flag shirt standing in front of burning cross while church burns in backgroung:  What makes you think I'd burn a cross?  I'm a Christian too.

Via Job’s Anger.


GOP Elephant starts to life bundle of fireworks rockets, each bearing the name of one of the candidates.  Bystander:

Via Juanita Jean.


Emma Goldman:

The most violent element in society is ignorance.


It takes a long time to install kde4-baseapps to a VM of FreeBSD using BSD ports.


Dick Polman has a wonder:

I have to wonder (albeit in jest): Is Donald Trump a double agent, hired by the Hillary camp to wreak havoc inside the opposition party?

Follow the link for more wonders.


Republicans: pay attention to what they do, not to what they say.


He must think he is truly a special snowflake.

The crime is more common in Western mountain towns, where people cut down – even poison – their neighbors’ trees for a better view.

But “vanity logging,” as it’s sometimes called, could apply to the alleged acts of a lawyer-turned-Zumba instructor who lives outside New Hope.

Police say David L. Topel felled 22 of his neighbor’s old-growth hardwoods – preserved by a conservation easement and worth $260,000 – because they obscured his deck’s southern vista.

“Lawyer-turned-Zumba instructor.” How he missed his true calling as a Wall Street bankster will forever remain a mystery.


Just another day in NRA Paradise . . . .

While vacationing with his family in Alaska, Northern Arizona football player Michael DeGroote died after supposedly shooting himself with a gun by accident. His family was vacationing at Denali National Park and Preserve and he was said to have shot himself on Tuesday. It’s not yet known if it was accidental or not Park spokeswoman Kathleen Kelly said, as the park investigates the matter.

The family is steadfast in saying it was accidental, as the AP reports.



Yep, right here in River City.


Goat:  Do you think GMO food should be labeled as such?  Pig:  Yes.  Goat:  Did you vote for the referendum to require labeling?  Pig.  No.  Goat:  Why?  Pig:  Because I'm dumb.  I'm too stupid for democracy.

Click for a larger image.


The Booman looks at data from the last two Presidential elections and draws a conclusion.

The point is, if a state had nothing to do with the Confederacy, its chances of supporting the Republican candidate were pretty small. Mostly, we’re talking about a few lightly-populated states in the West where there is no black population to speak of, Latinos don’t vote their weight, and Mormons have a lot of influence.

Nixon’s odious southern strategy has reached fruition.

Follow the link for the Booman’s much-more nuanced analysis and predictions.


Sun Tzu:

There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.


Not any more.

A host of new companies founded or staffed by brain researchers have some advice for advertisers: Read your customers’ minds. In a world of ever-shrinking attention spans, where consumers flit through social media sites and skip right past online ads, advertisers are turning to neuroscience to better understand how to steer buyers toward their products.


Dick Polman tries to understand why there are so many clowns in the Republican Clown Bus.* It’s worth a read.

You can see a catalog of clowns here. (H/T to Bad Tux.)


*Polman left out the part about the Republican base’s having gone insane with racism and bigotry from the triumph of Nixon’s odious southern strategy.