Sen. Joni Ernst wearing

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Anchor Person: Someone said snow. Snow snow snow. Brooklyn Blond, is there snow?

Brooklyn Blond: Yes, there is snow. See the snow. Fall, snow, fall.

Boston Brownette: There is more snow. See the snow fall. Snow is slippery. See the car slip. Slip, car, slip.

New Hampshire Hussy: It also snows in the rural areas. See the snow? There is snow. See the snow fall. Fall, snow, fall.

Anchor person: So you are saying that snow is falling, that snow is slippery?

All together: Yes, see the snow fall. Fall snow, fall. Slip, car, slip. Fall snow, fall. Slip, car, slip. Fall snow, fall. Slip, car, slip. Fall snow, fall. Slip, car, slip. Fall snow, fall. Slip, car, slip. . . . .


Being white and Republican has its rewards.

In a two-page order, the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that McDonnell could remain out of prison on his own recognizance because his appeal was “not for the purpose of delay” and raised “a substantial question of law or fact.” Though it is not clear which of McDonnell’s arguments resonated, experts said the higher court must believe at least one of the questions in his case is close.

All he did was sell the public trust for a Rolex and a ride in a Ferrari.

That in no way matches the heiniousness of shoplifting a six from a 7-11. Had he done that, he’d be wearing orange as I write this.

If you don’t know what “white privilege” is, look closely, because this is white privilege writ large.


Claudette Colbert:

Why do grandparents and grandchildren get along so well? The mother.


A political tactic is not a “value.”

I’m with John Cole. I hope they call her bluff and find out that it’s not a bluff.


Chauncey Devega explains how terrorism is not “terrorism” when it’s done by the white right people.


Pennsylvania Republicans are on fire with the white heat of self-righteousness (emphasis added).

For Bucks County Republicans and power brokers, the parties at Claire Risoldi’s extravagant mansion near New Hope were unforgettable affairs.


Occasionally, guests would whisper about where Risoldi got her money, since her only known job was in her daughter’s law office. She often explained that she inherited a windfall from her late husband’s successful tile company.

State prosecutors provided their own theory last week: rampant insurance fraud. The Attorney General’s Office on Thursday charged Risoldi and several members of her family with bilking insurers out of $20 million after her mansion caught fire three times in five years.

Had she worked for a Wall Street Bank, she’d have gotten a bail out, not a bail bond.


If my house caught fire three times in five years, I’d want a new house or, at least, an arson investigator and a private eye.

She, however, had a burning desire for her cause. She carried a torch for Republicans. Republicans flicked her Bic. She was a fan of the Bu-Tane Clan. Republicans lit up her life. She was on fire for the cause. She let her light so shine under the bullshit bushel. She glowed little glow-worm glimmered glimmered.

I’ll stop now, but you can continue. The opportunities are endless.


Werner Herzog’s Bear sees parallels between today and the 1830s. A snippet:

Of course, just as Jackson and modern day conservatives champion “small government” out of one side of their mouth, they just love using the military to expand territory and reward the vested interests backing them. Jackson moved to remove Native Americans against the will of the Supreme Court, just as the “War on Terror” has relied on illegal and extralegal means. Jackson’s closest imitator, James K Polk, sparked war with Mexico with terms just as illegitimate as those formulated by George W Bush for his invasion of Iraq. Jacksonians of all era scorn the notion that government can improve people’s lives, but have little restraint when using it to further the goals of nationalist expansion.

. . . He and his supporters denigrated the educated, much as conservatives today scorn climate scientists, academics, and teachers. All three have committed the cardinal sin of having expertise and thinking that means they know more than the average yahoo. One of Jackson’s most toxic legacies has been the extremely anti-intellectual tenor of American public life, something routinely exploited by conservatives.


18th Street Philadelphia after another snow storm fails to live up to the hype.,Fleeing Philadelphia before the threatened Snowmageddon which is expected to be much worse than the Saturday night Snowmageddom, pictured here.

Addendum, That Very Evening:

Looks like I got out of town just in time.


Naomi Klein:

The truly powerful feed ideology to the masses like fast food while they dine on the most rarified delicacy of all: impunity.


Leonard Pitts, Jr., goes to the no-go zone.

Fox is, after all, the network of death panels, terrorist fist jabs, birtherism, anchor babies, victory mosques, wars on Christmas and Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. It’s not just that it is the chief global distributor of unfact and untruth but that it distributes unfact and untruth with a bluster, an arrogance, a gonad-grabbing swagger, that implicitly and intentionally dares you to believe fact and truth matter.

Many of us have gotten used to this. We don’t even bother to protest Fox being Fox. Might as well protest a sewer for stinking.

Follow the link. Read the rest.


Be polite in the produce aisle.

Police say they have taken one man into custody in connection with the incident. He is identified as 59-year-old Gerry Good of Gibsonia.

He is facing charges of two counts of simple assault and two counts of recklessly endangering another person.

“What had happened, the man shopping in Giant Eagle bent over to pick something up, he was wearing a fanny pack and had a .380 inside his fanny pack, when he bent over that fell on the floor and discharged, striking two other people inside the store with debris,” Chief Robert Amann, of Northern Regional Police, said.

Guns and stupid, always a perfect combination. And they go together so often.

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Daniel Ruth is doing his homework before hitting the hustings. A snippet:

For my part, I’ve been studying Apocalypse Now, The Shining, Blue Velvet and Joan Crawford’s biography for tips on how to be certifiably loopy on the Republican primary debate circuit.

I figure if I show up on the stump decked out like George Washington, demand a return to the pelt standard, call for an electrified 300-foot-tall border fence (land mines optional) and the repeal of Obamacare in favor of a universal national health care system providing free Vaseline petroleum jelly for every true American, I’m at least halfway up Pennsylvania Avenue.


Really, now.



Tony Norman. Just read it.


Johann Sebastian Bach:

It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.


The Uber mentality goes rogue.


I was wondering whether it was time to retire “Dustbiters,” but another one bit the dust.

ain’t no more.


Boy reading a science book with a flashlight under the covers.  Republcan father bursts in and boy says,

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