Buccaneer Petroleum continues to duck and cover (up).

Four years after the largest offshore oil disaster in U.S. history, scientists are still trying to come to terms with the toll that the Deepwater Horizon tragedy wreaked on the birds, sea life, waters and habitats of the Gulf of Mexico. Multitudes of creatures and habitats were wiped out — and continue to suffer — but outrageously, environmental restoration has barely even begun.

And BP — having already pleaded guilty to criminal negligence — is hard at work delaying justice.


Rancher grazing cows in someone's front yard.  Homeowner says,

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Elizabeth I of England:

One man with a head on his shoulders is worth a dozen without.

Sir Walter Raleigh would no doubt agree.


Take a quiz on your general (and I do mean general) religious knowledge.

Via Juanita Jean, who theorizes:

At the end, you’ll enjoy seeing how Fox News has had an influence on the answers.

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At Psychology Today Blogs, Laurie Essig comments on what she terms Machismo Man David Brooks’s “manhood problem.”

Some of the “manliest” of politicians have created wars without cause, made lives miserable for women, children, gays and any others who are not “man enough,” and generally created chaos in the world. Machismo is no substitute for foreign policy even if Brooks wants to fantasize about Obama swooping in on a white horse and sweeping him off into a future where strong men keep us safe from danger.

Do follow the link, if only to see the illustration.


Tom Plate of Loyola Marymount University argues against the United States’s media’s apocalyptic coverage of the events in Ukraine and the world in general. A nugget:

If Moscow can “get away” with seizing Crimea (and a slice of Ukraine), won’t this embolden Beijing to jump onto a disputed island in the East China Sea and do a “Putin”? Or might it not even justify a comparable putsch by Japan? Does not the current world (dis)order suggest the future belongs to the bold?

Implicit in this fearful assumption is the suggestion that if only the U.S. were more forceful against Russia, less “bad things” around the world would happen. This is fantasy.

He has a point. This is the “Shoot First” theory of international relations favored by the same Diminutive Phallus Brigade that believes in “Stand Your Ground.” Many of our media figures and politicians seems think that the U. S. is Gary Cooper, able to solve all problems in one High Noon moment, then relax as the credits roll and everyone lives happily ever after.

Outside of movies, the credits don’t roll and one High Noon moment leads to the next.


Driven to politeness:

A two-vehicle automobile accident quickly turned into an altercation and shooting Sunday evening northeast of Topeka, leaving one man in a local hospital with injuries not believed to be life threatening, Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones said.


In late-breaking news of the polite:

Police in South Houston are searching for a suspect who was accused of shooting a 3-year-old girl in what was thought to be a case of drunken road rage.


I’m a southern boy.

All my life, I’ve listened to racists declare, “Oh, golly gosh gee no, Batman, race has nothing to do with it.”




25 Companies that spent less in taxes than on lobbyists, 2008-2012.  All the taxes are negative.  13 of them are energy companies of some sort.

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Will Bunch explains, “T-t-t-that’s all, folks.”


Isaac Asimov:

A poor idea well written is more likely to be accepted than a good idea poorly written.



Roy Edroso explains how Cliven Bundy is standing on a principle:

Extremism in the defense of freebies is no vice.


Rousted twits.


Learning from recent experiences, Penn State selects a president with cover-up experience.


My local rag tells the story of a fighter pilot who dared to reveal a safety hazard in the F-22. Now he’s in the Catch-22, the best catch there is.

Here’s the intro:

The Air Force has spent tens of millions of dollars over the past two years correcting problems with its premier jet fighter – issues that Capt. Joshua Wilson helped expose by speaking up, both to his bosses and on national television.

Since then, Wilson’s career as an F-22 Raptor pilot has stalled. A member of the Virginia Air National Guard’s 149th Fighter Squadron, Wilson hasn’t been permitted to fly the jet since early 2012. He’s fighting disciplinary actions that he sees as retribution for going public.

Whatever else happens, the military can always be counted on the protect its own brass.

Read the rest and tell your friends.


The Booman explains the wingnut wurlitzer.


Otto von Bismarck:

Politics ruins the character.


George Smith exposes the glibertarian con of the “entrepreneurial society” and those who insidiously spread it using your “member” contributions.

To answer the question at the end of his post, in glibertarian world, a “parasite” is anyone who can’t afford to buy his own politician.