The Trump Effect.

I cede this to Donald Trump. He brings out America’s worst.


Image:  Great Seal of the United States reimagined as

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Joseph Conrad:

The way of even the most justifiable revolution is prepared by personal impulses disguised into creeds.


Stop them before it’s too late.

Police in Canada says it will be punishing drunk drivers by not only arresting them, but forcing them to listen to corporate boy band Nickelback on the way to the cop shop.

A Facebook post from the Kensington Police Department of Prince Edward Island warns would-be partiers in the Great White North to avoid getting behind the wheel tipsy, lest they be caught, booked and serenaded by the 21st century’s discount Bon Jovi.



Will Bunch opens the door and takes a peek.


Yet more hate-full frolics.


Sill under 300k (emphasis added).

Jobless claims increased by 17,000 to 268,000 in the week that ended Nov. 26 and included Thanksgiving, Labor Department figures showed Thursday in Washington.


Jobless claims have been below 300,000 for 91 straight weeks — the longest streak since 1970 and a level typical for a healthy labor market. At the same time, other factors that have pushed claims down in recent years, including cuts in the duration of benefits and changes to claim-filing technology.

Estimates in the Bloomberg survey ranged from 245,000 to 265,000. The prior week’s reading was unrevised at 251,000.

The number of people continuing to receive jobless benefits increased by 38,000 to 2.08 million in the week ended Nov. 19.

Wait six months. I predict the rate will Trumple.


Image One:  Alexander Hamilton saying,


Donald Trump, standing amidst bags labeled

Via Job’s Anger.



Remember all those teabaggers who demonstrated against the Affordable Care Act carrying signs that said, “Hands off my Medicare”?

Where are they now?


Victor Hugo:

God made only water, but man made wine.


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Dick Polman.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


Catherine Rampell suggests that college students need to change with the times.

What skills and disciplines should workers-to-be master to succeed in the 21st-century economy?

My answer used to involve programming, data analysis, creativity, empathy. Basically, skills that are complementary to rising automation and that will help workers invent new products or support those who do.

Today, my answer must change. In light of the regulatory vision being laid out by President-elect Donald Trump and his advisers, I’d recommend college students bone up on hustling and swindling instead.

Mammas, make sure your babies grow up to be con men.

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